S4C available on new streaming service Freely

30 April

Viewers will be able to watch S4C programmes on Freely, a new streaming service for the UK.

Freely is a collaboration between UK broadcasters BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 to futureproof free TV for the streaming age.

For the first time, audiences can stream live TV channels alongside on demand content for free via their smart TVs, removing the need for a dish or aerial.

Featuring world-first innovations for free TV, viewers can switch seamlessly between live and on demand content from the UK's leading broadcasters.

Hisense, previously announced as the first Freely smart TV partner, is responsible for bringing Freely TVs to market.

Elin Morris S4C's Chief Operating Officer said:

"We are proud to be able to bring Welsh language programming to a new audience on Freely.

"We'll be able to showcase the creativity and talent that we have in Wales in to homes across the UK.

"Viewers will be able to watch documentaries, drama, news and sport live and on-demand."

The TVs will be available in major stores across the UK and online.

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