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  • Chris Roberts

    Chris Roberts

    calendar Thursday, 02 December 2021

  • Chris' scrumpets


    • goat's meat
    • garlic
    • pepper
    • sea salt
    • seaweed (dulse + wakame)
    • Welsh beer
    • flour
    • eggs
    • panko breadcrumbs
    • oats
    • apricots
    • apples
    • coconut milk
    • curry powder

    Chris' Method

    1. Place the meat in a roasting tin.

    2. Make a simple marinade using garlic, oil, peeper, sea salt, dulse and wakame.

    3. Rub the marinade over the meat.

    4. Cover the whole lot with Welsh beer.

    5. Tuck the shoulders under some baking paper and wrap the lot in foil.

    6. Place in the oven for 3 hours on 170C.

    7. Let the meat cool down and line some baking tins with baking paper.

    8. Once the meat has cooled down, separate it and place it in the tins with the salty seaweed.

    9. Top it up with the liquid from the roasting tin – the beer and that fat that's rendered and fused with the salty seaweed.

    10. Cover them in baking paper and press them down with another baking tin and a couple of cans before placing them in the fridge overnight.

    The Scrumpets

    11. Place the flour, eggs and panko breadcrumbs mixed with oats in separate bowls.

    12. Cut the meat from the tins in to rectangular fingers.

    13. One by one cover the slices of meat with the flour, then the egg and finish with the breadcrumbs.

    14. Fry them on medium heat.

    15. Let them develop a crispy crust on each side (about 1 minute). Once they have a minute on each side they're ready.

    Sweet and spicy curry sauce

    16. Cut the apricots and apples into small pieces and fry them with curry powder.

    17. Add the coconut milk before blitzing it until it's creamy.

    18. Dip the scrumpets in the sauce and enjoy.

    Originally featured on Bwyd Epic Chris.

    Recipe by Chris Roberts.

    Instagram: @flamebaster

    Twitter: @FLAMEBASTER

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