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  • bregus


    Successful career woman Ellie Bateman, seemingly has the perfect life - a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a close knit group of friends who mean the world to her. When an unforeseeable tragedy shatters their lives to pieces, Ellie knows that the only way she'll survive is to run. Will she ever find her way back - or will she choose to lose herself in a perfect storm beyond her control.



    Life begins to get better for Noni as her loving relationship with Deniz develops, but when she sees a ghost from her past walking near the café, is there a danger that her life will start to collapse around her again?

  • Merched Parchus on YouTube

    Merched Parchus on YouTube

    The entire series by Hanna Jarman & Mari Beard is now available to watch on Hansh's YouTube channel!

    True crime podcast obsessed Carys is single for the first time since growing boobs. 27 and forced to move back into her parents' house she finds herself back where she was 10 years ago - no job, no boyfriend and no idea what's going to happen next.

  • Walter Presents

    Walter Presents

    Ar gyfer S4C

    The best of European drama, with Welsh subtitles.

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    More Drama

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Soap operas

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  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    Today sees Glenda returning home from hospital and Philip still searching for a replacement at the cafe. Following Barry's advice, Dani decides to reject the offer for Wyn's house but Philip tries to persuade her to re-think her decision. Carwyn and Iestyn's relationship continues to deteriorate, and Anest discovers where Iestyn got his rent money from.

  • Pobol y Cwm

    Pobol y Cwm

    Jason and Kelly's relationship is put under strain when they face the possibility of being homeless. Gerwyn goes to extreme lengths to fund his trip with Guto to South America.

  • C'mon Midffild

    C'mon Midffild

    Comedy drama about a North Wales football team.

  •  Bregus


    After confessing to her affair with Richard and leaving Mart and their family home, Ellie receives a message from an unknown number - it's a picture of her and Ems kissing. She knows that the game is far from over and if she's not going to lose everything she's going to have to fight back and fast - but what more could Richard possibly want from her'

  •  Tair Chwaer - Cyfres 1

    Tair Chwaer - Cyfres 1

    Award winning six-part drama series set in the Tumble area of Llanell following the lives of three sisters. Sharon, Lyn and Janet are members of a Country and Western band and use the group as a means of escape from the monotony of everyday life. The series focuses on their problems and dreams, their sexuality, their friendships and their constant bickering.

  •  Tair Chwaer - Cyfres 2

    Tair Chwaer - Cyfres 2

    Alan keeps calling to see Sharon but she's happy enough having taken in a lodger - the model from the nude painting classes!Dai asks Lyn to marry him - what will she say' Byron tells Meirwen he is moving out and Gary hits Lyn when he finds out she is pregnant by someone else.

  •  Tair Chwaer - Cyfres 3

    Tair Chwaer - Cyfres 3

    Alan is mad when he finds out Sharon has been having another releationship - even the wedding preparations can't bring them together. Lyn interferes in Eifion's plans in an atttempt to save Byron's company.

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    More Drama

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