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  • Craith - Series 3

    Craith - Series 3

    S4C Clic

    When a man's body is discovered in a river, Cadi and Vaughan are called to investigate.

  • Walter Presents

    Walter Presents

    Ar gyfer S4C

    The best of European drama, with Welsh subtitles.

  • Merched Parchus on YouTube

    Merched Parchus on YouTube

    The entire series by Hanna Jarman & Mari Beard is now available to watch on Hansh's YouTube channel!

    True crime podcast obsessed Carys is single for the first time since growing boobs. 27 and forced to move back into her parents' house she finds herself back where she was 10 years ago - no job, no boyfriend and no idea what's going to happen next.

  • More Drama

    More Drama

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Soap operas

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  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    Quite a few people are suffering today after over-doing it at Arthur and Iris' parties last night. Ken hasn't been out drinking for a long time and is feeling it this morning, and as he tries to shift his hangover he receives another blow when Vince decides to quit his job at K Kabs. Carwyn is suffering in a different way... his world has been turned upside down and it will take a lot of effort from Gwenno and Iestyn to persuade him that his future is here with them.

  • Pobol y Cwm

    Pobol y Cwm

    The community of Cwmderi is shaken when a swastika is painted on Iolo and Tyler's house. As the villagers guess who the perpetrator is, Iolo blames it all on Tyler.

  • None


    A hero from Stradey to the Arms Park and national and international rugby grounds beyond Wales, Ray o'r Mynydd, to give him his bardic name, was a commentator, broadcaster, actor and nationalist, fully deserving of his place among the greats of the nation. Gareth Bale's breathtaking performance of Owen Thomas' brilliant script, translated into Welsh by the poet T James Jones, celebrates the life of an icon on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

  • None


    Kath, a mother struggling with life, walks out of her front door leaving her screaming children behind in a desperate attempt for peace. She just needs 5 minutes of peace, but finding her way home becomes a near impossibility as her dream-like delusions take her further and further away from home.

  • Ffilmiau It's My Shout

    Ffilmiau It's My Shout

    After the sudden death of her mum, Fflur grapples with her grief, and a geranium that has taken on the embodiment of her mother. As time moves on it's clear that both her and the plant are lost in time. Can she bury her sorrow and learn to live again'

  •  Caerdydd - Cyfres 1

    Caerdydd - Cyfres 1

    Ceri, Lea and Elen live together in a brand new apartment in Cardiff Bay, while Peter and Emyr share another. They're the new generation of young Welsh speakers who have moved to the city from rural Wales; confident and ambitious, they play by their own rules in Europe's fastest growing capital city. In the first episode of this exciting new drama series, Elen isn't too happy when Lea arrives in Cardiff, unlike Osian who seems very keen. Peter catches Danny cheating on his sister, but gets no th

  • Arswyd Ger y Llyn

    Arswyd Ger y Llyn

    Annecy is a ghost town: only soldiers in gas masks roam freely. Darius Milanian has been arrested but it becomes clear that he is a pawn. Lise and Clovis face their worst nightmare.

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