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  • Merched Parchus on YouTube

    Merched Parchus on YouTube

    The entire series by Hanna Jarman & Mari Beard is now available to watch on Hansh's YouTube channel!

    True crime podcast obsessed Carys is single for the first time since growing boobs. 27 and forced to move back into her parents' house she finds herself back where she was 10 years ago - no job, no boyfriend and no idea what's going to happen next.

  • Un Bore Mercher - Series 1 & 2 on S4C Clic

    Un Bore Mercher - Series 1 & 2 on S4C Clic

    Faith Howells is back, for the last time.

  • More Drama

    More Drama

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  • Pobol y Cwm

    Pobol y Cwm

    Brenda and Iori return from Las Vegas with a secret plan to deceive everyone. Mathew's concern for Tesni creates problems in his new relationship with Izzy.

  • Un Bore Mercher

    Un Bore Mercher

    Faith and Cerys find themselves fighting for Osian at the Court of Appeal in London, as Faith meets up with a friend from the past to get information on Rose. Evan continues to keep a watchful eye on Faith's every move, and Steve bonds with Alys.

  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    It¿s a difficult day for Kylie as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that Iestyn publicly announced that she is gay. Despite the fact that both Iestyn and Jason¿s feelings have been hurt, they both forgive her and Kylie¿s sights turn to the difficult task of telling Ken and Kay. Mathew has a plan to teach both his father and spineless housemates a lesson, but how will Arthur fit in with the plans' Sian feels much better now that Mark has stayed clear, but it becomes clear by the end of

  • C'Mon Midffild

    C'Mon Midffild

    Classic comedy with the Bryncoch United football team. In this episode, a 'lady' from Liverpool who moves to Bryncoch has a cataclysmic effect on the place.

  • Y Teithiwr

    Y Teithiwr

    Captain Anais Chatelet investigates when the naked body of a man wearing a bull's head is found at a Bordeaux railway station. Later, a lost amnesiac is put in the care of psychiatrist Mathias Freire.

  •  Un Bore Mercher - Cyfres 1

    Un Bore Mercher - Cyfres 1

    Drama starring Eve Myles as lawyer, wife and mother Faith Howells, who is drawn into a mystery when her husband and business partner, Evan, vanishes.

  • None

    Tylluan Wen

    Film regarding a singer-songwriter who returns to Wales to record an album of folk songs. But what is her real reason for returning and what's the truth behind her relationship with the village schoolmaster and his family' With Siân James and John Ogwen.

  • More Drama

    More Drama

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