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  • Merched Parchus on YouTube

    Merched Parchus on YouTube

    The entire series by Hanna Jarman & Mari Beard is now available to watch on Hansh's YouTube channel!

    True crime podcast obsessed Carys is single for the first time since growing boobs. 27 and forced to move back into her parents' house she finds herself back where she was 10 years ago - no job, no boyfriend and no idea what's going to happen next.

  • Un Bore Mercher - Series 1 & 2 on S4C Clic

    Un Bore Mercher - Series 1 & 2 on S4C Clic

    Faith Howells is back, for the last time.

  • More Drama

    More Drama

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  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    Mathew's first day back at work goes from bad to worse as someone plays a nasty trick on him. Philip and Lowri are still at loggerheads and Dani has to step in to deal with the couple. Iris is still worried about Barry but Arthur has an idea of how to cheer him up. Jason is delighted when he is given a chance to drive the boss' car.

  • Pobol y Cwm

    Pobol y Cwm

    Rhys offers Ffion some comfort after she receives her sentence for the drink driving offence. Jason makes a mess of things as Mathew retracts his offer to buy APD after overhearing Jason bad-mouth him.

  • C'mon Midffild

    C'mon Midffild

    Comedy drama about a North Wales football team.

  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    Wyn¿s critical condition becomes worse as Barry and the K¿s try to revive him. He is rushed to hospital but the medical team¿s efforts to rescue him are futile which leave Dani to break the heartbreaking news to everyone. When Carys finds out where Tom is, she says goodbye to Glanrafon for the last time. Despite his concerns, Jason says goodbye to Carys not knowing that she is leaving to start a new life with Aled.

  • Pobol y Cwm: Y Cymeriadau

    Pobol y Cwm: Y Cymeriadau

    How much do you know about Garry Monk' This special archive series from Cwmderi is an opportunity to delve into the lives of some of the village's most colourful characters. In this programme, we get to know Garry's character a lot better, led by someone who knows him better than anyone, actor Richard Lynch.

  • Fo a Fe

    Fo a Fe

    A drinking session or collecting money for good causes' That's the dilemma facing Ephraim Hughes (Guto Roberts) and Twm Twm (Ryan Davies) in this festive classic.

  • Licyris Olsorts

    Licyris Olsorts

    Classic comedy drama about the lives of characters in a fictional village in the Swansea valley.

  • More Drama

    More Drama

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