Eisteddfod 2020
1 – 8 August

Lost without the Eisteddfod this year? Look no further. The thrill, the experiences, the Gorsedd ceremonies from past and present and the most spectacular stage performances. Looking back at some of the festival's most iconic musicals and the Eisteddfod AmGen 2020. All this to be crowned by the Sioe yr Eisteddfod Goll.

Eisteddfod 2020 Programmes

  • Uchafbwyntiau Eisteddfod 2019

    Saturday 1 August 21:00

    Presenter and actress Tara Bethan, who is from the area, takes us through the highlights of the competitions, the maes, and the stages at the Conwy County National Eisteddfod 2019.

  • Gerallt

    Sunday 2 August 20:00

    Another chance to see this honest and insightful documentary about one of Wales's most popular poets, Gerallt Lloyd Owen who died in 2014. The programme reveals a private and enigmatic character and through a series of extended interviews over a period of time, exclusive access to his home and interviews with members of his family, we see another side to his public persona and hear about his passions and fears.

  • Sgwrs Dan y Lloer: Myrddin ap Dafydd

    Monday 3 August 20:00

    Who's up for a relaxing evening in the garden? A great opportunity for a star-studded talk with Elin Fflur and some of Wales' best-known faces - and this time, author, chaired bard and publisher Myrddin ap Dafydd is the guest.

  • Canrif o’r Babell Lên

    Monday 3 August 21:00

    Since it was first established at the 1920 Eisteddfod in Barry, the Babell Lên or Literary Pavilion has gone on to become one of the National Eisteddfod's main attractions. In this documentary, National Poet Ifor ap Glyn has delved into the colourful story of the Babell Lên, gathering the reminiscences of 15 different contributors and unearthing several forgotten treasures from the archives.

  • Stori Coronau y ‘Steddfod

    Tuesday 4 August 18.00

    The story of one of the nation's most significant cultural awards. Guto Dafydd looks back at the history of the competition.

  • Tudur Owen ar ei Orsedd

    Tuesday 4 August 20:00

    Being admitted to the Eisteddfod Gorsedd in 2019 was one of life's highlights for Tudur Owen, and one which changed Tudur's relationship with the Eisteddfod forever. This programme takes a look at all the people at the Eisteddfod from the organisers to the cleaners and provides an opportunity to look at how the national festival has developed as an event for all.

  • Towyn Roberts

    Tuesday 4 August 21.00

    A portrait of Towyn Roberts, founder of the generous scholarship awarded to young singers presented at the National Eisteddfod.

  • Lleisiau’r Eisteddfod gyda Bryn Terfel

    Wednesday 5 August 20:00

    Sir Bryn Terfel takes us on a tour looking back at some of the memorable performances of the main vocal competitions at the National Eisteddfod. This is an opportunity to relive the experience and thrill of performing on the massive festival stage with the talented singers who have come to the fore over the years.

  • Maes B o Bell

    Wednesday 5 August 21.30

    Maes B o Bell will include performances by some of the bands who have performed there in the past, as well as performances by some of the artists who would have performed this year. With Gwilym, Alffa, Lewys and much more.

  • Yws Gwynedd ym Maes B

    Wednesday 5 August 22.30

    Yws Gwynedd's set on the final night of the Anglesey National Eisteddfod 2017 broke the record for the largest crowd at a Maes B event. This special episode of Ochr 1 includes highlights of the record-breaking performance.

  • Clasuron Y Sioeau Cerdd

    Thursday 6 August 20.00

    A chance to experience some of the Eisteddfod's iconic musicals over the decades, and a chance to hear firsthand the amazing stories behind these shows.

  • Goreuon Eisteddfod AmGen

    Friday 7 August 20:00

    Although we won't be visiting the green fields of Tregaron this year, worry not because the National Eisteddfod has created a virtual platform where we can enjoy the festival's offerings. We get to visit every tent - from the Art Place to Encore, The Folk Tent to the Literature Tent, and from Maes B to the Children's Village - we visit the familiar in an unfamiliar way!

  • Gig Chiz o’r ‘Steddfod

    Friday 7 August 21.00

    Highlights of Huw Chiswell's open air concert at the 2016 National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny. The Friday night music event on the open air stage attracts thousands of visitors to the field and this year was no exception. Join Huw Chiswell and the band as they perform a host of classics which will get your feet tapping.

  • Yma/Nawr

    Friday 7 August 22.30

    A film by Marc Evans giving a unique account of Europe's oldest poetic tradition. Stars including Siân Phillips, Ioan Gruffudd, Mathew Rhys and Rhys Ifans present some of the great Welsh poems, and musicians Cerys Matthews and John Cale perform their own arrangements of traditional Welsh songs. Through the course of seven 'verses', this film takes a look at some of the underlying themes of Welsh poetry, from nationalism and external forces to hope and new beginnings.

  • 3 Lle: Eigra Lewis Roberts

    Saturday 8 August 17:45

    Writer Eigra Lewis Roberts takes us on a tour of North Wales for her three chosen locations, taking us on a journey to Maenofferen Chapel Vestry in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Garreg Fawr Farm in Waunfawr and ending up at her home in Dolwyddelan, where her writer's study remains a focal point for her working life.

  • Cymry ar Gynfas: Syr Bryn Terfel

    Saturday 8 August 19:30

    The artist Billy Bagilhole paints an unique portrait of Sir Bryn Terfel.

  • Sioe yr Eisteddfod Goll

    Saturday 8 August 20:00

    Multi-genre celebration brings the heroes of the stage together for one night only. The nations' giants celebrate and give thanks.

  • Gig olaf Edward H Dafis

    Saturday 8 August 21:30

    Lisa Gwilym presents highlights of the last ever concert by Edward H Dafis - the iconic Welsh rock band. Here's a chance to enjoy and sing along to some of their rock classics from the last 40 years. The concert was recorded at the Denbigh National Eisteddfod in August 2013.

  • Steddfod! Steddfod!

    Saturday 8 August 22:30

    Twenty years after being wronged by an adjudicator at the National Eisteddfod in 1968 a young man plans his revenge in this film from the archives.

  • Twm Morys a’r Cadeiriau Coll

    Sunday 9 August 17:45

  • Y Gymanfa Ganu: Caerdydd 2018

    Sunday 9 August 19:25

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