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Cauliflower Cheese

Keep any of the good leaves on the cauliflower and place the whole lot on a baking tray.

Smother some olive oil on top before adding cayenne pepper and rubbing it in. Now, it's time to put them in the smoker. I have cherry wood lumps in the smoker, but you could also roast these in the oven. After half an hour, they're looking gorgeous!

Next, it's time to make the cheese sauce.

I melt butter in a pan before adding some flour. Mix them together before adding half milk and half double cream.

Once it starts to bubble, remove it off the heat before adding the cheese. I'm using Welsh cheddar.

Now, prep the cauliflower by removing the stalks and cut them into chunks. Place them in a baking tray and cover them in the cheese sauce.

I love a kick, so I'm adding some sliced chilli. Since it's Christmas, I'm grating nutmeg over the top and finishing it off with sage leaves.

Place in the oven for half an hour at 180C. Once the edges start to form a crust you know it's ready!

I part boil purple, orange and yellow carrots before roasting them with honey and pine nuts to go with my Christmas lunch.

I'm also going to make mashed potatoes with the roasted garlic from the goose. Just squish the cloves out of the bulbs to make a paste and mix in your mash. Add plenty of olive oil instead of butter to make it super silky.

Now, I told you not to get rid of those giblets didn't I? Fry them up with the goose wings to make home made stock. Use this to make next level gravy with plenty of port!

And the secret to crispy roast potatoes - boil them for 5 minutes before basting them in goose fat and a spoonful of Marmite! Place in the oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of 180C and they'll be crunchy to the max!

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