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After a long period of being unable to show original drama, the coming months will see a flurry of fresh and compelling series.

First to air is Fflam, a contemporary story of passion and grief that raises the question of whether rekindling an old flame will result in fingers being burnt?

Available now

  • Cymru, Dad a Fi

    Cymru, Dad a Fi

    A series following the journey of father and son, Wayne and Connagh Howard, around some of Wales' islands. During this programme, they visit islands along the Menai Straits, by boat and by kayak; Connagh has a 'spiritual' experience at St. Cwyfan's Church; and Wayne talks to the seals at Puffin Island!

  • Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd

    Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd

    Which animals are we going to be meeting today'

  • Cymry ar Gynfas

    Cymry ar Gynfas

    In this programme the artist Catrin Williams will attempt to create a portrait of broadcaster Beti George.

  • Gwdihw


    Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - some wild, tame and some really strange ones!

  • Caru Canu a Stori

    Caru Canu a Stori

    When Guto Goat ruins the mice¿s tea party, everyone is sad - until Gweni the mare comes to the rescue.

  • Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

    Cyw a'i Ffrindiau

    Join Cyw as she takes pictures of her friends to lift Bolgi¿s spirits. What can possibly go wrong'

  • Jambori


    Hello and welcome to a new series of Jamborî. Come and join Jam on a musical adventure full of interesting sounds and colourful pictures ¿ with rubber ducks dancing in the bath, a magical door to other worlds and a cat turning his hand at cooking. This and much more on Jamborî!

  • Cacamwnci


    Cacamwnci is back with more funny and silly sketches! There are new characters like Clem Clocsio, Myrddin y Dewin and Vanessa drws nesa and a few old favourites like Plismon Preis, Siwpyrtaid and Mr Pwmps . Be ready for a belly full of laughs!

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • FFIT Cymru

    FFIT Cymru

    Here¿s the beginning of the transformation journey for our five Leaders ¿ Dylan, Lois, Bronwen,Sion and Leah and their first week following FFIT Cymru¿s food and exercise program.

  • Ahoi!


    Today the young pirates from Ysgol Bryn y Mor challenge the tasks set by Capten Cnec.

  • Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Educational series for pre-school series with Jen and Jim.

  • Blociau Rhif

    Blociau Rhif

    Fun and games for young children with the number blocks.

  • Eryri: Croeso Nôl?

    Eryri: Croeso Nôl?

    A programme which chronicles the extraordinary summer of 2020 in Snowdonia, as Covid -19 exposes some of the tensions which exist between the locals in the area and the tourists which stream there from every corner of the world.

  • Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Maths series that takes full advantage of S4C's popular 'Cyw ' characters to introduce Foundation Phase maths to young children.

  • Codi Pac

    Codi Pac

    Geraint Hardy introduces us to towns around Wales and finds out what there is to do and see in the various places.

  • None


    A look at Wales' attempt to break a range of official world records for Guinness World Records around St David's Day 2021.

  • Heno


    Tonight, we'll look forward to a special episode of Iaith ar Daith, and with campsites re-opening, Alun Williams will be out to visit some successful sites. We will also hear about a special new cookbook.

  • Ffermio


    A new series. This time: how changing a way of farming benefits the pocket and the environment; the importance of safeguarding the future of Torwen sheep; and how a Christmas gift has made lambing easier for one family.

  • Dan Do

    Dan Do

    Join Aled Samuel and Mandy Watkins as they travel across Wales looking at a variety of tasteful and interesting homes. In this programme we'll be featuring a contemporary and light upside down house, a newly renovated Victorian home and a colourful terraced house with an Eastern influence.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    This week Nia will be in Montgomeryshire hearing how the words of poet and hymn writer Ann Griffiths continue to inspire contemporary musician Siân James.

  • Cegin Bryn

    Cegin Bryn

    Bryn Williams offers a top notch culinary masterclass to enthusiastic home cooks around Wales.

  • Amser Maith Maith yn ôl

    Amser Maith Maith yn ôl

    Today Grandad has a story from The First World War. It¿s a happy day when Sam the Postman delivers a letter to Tomi. Gwen tries to teach Tomi how to knit socks to send to his father but they don¿t have enough wool. What will they do'

  • Bregus


    Ellie soon realises the affect her secret life is having on her family. Menna can sense that things aren't right and Ellie knows it too well. With her guilt now like a ticking time bomb, she tries her best to make amends, but being 'caught out' is the least of her worries as intrusive thoughts begin to bombard her mind. Visions that disrupt and distort reality make her question her own sanity.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    Programmes for youngsters after school.

  • Pobl a'u Gerddi

    Pobl a'u Gerddi

    Aled Samuel visits Welsh gardens and meets the people who have created them.

  • Caru Canu

    Caru Canu

    An animated series with traditional and contemporary songs and rhymes.

  • Iaith ar Daith

    Iaith ar Daith

    Iaith ar Daith (language road trip) returns to S4C in 2021. This year another six intrepid celebrity Welsh learners hit the road and travel the length and breadth of the country facing different linguistic challenges. Helping them along the way will be a celebrity mentor/friend. In the last of the series actors Joanna Scanlan and Mark Lewis Jones hit the road.

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Today, Huw Fash is here with his latest fashion tips, we'll share some advice with new dog owners and we'll hold our daily fitness session.

  • Adre


    Nia Parry has the pleasure of taking a peek inside the homes of some of Wales` familiar faces in `Adre`. This week we'll be visiting the home of the Archdruid Myrddin ap Dafydd on the Llyn Peninsular.

  • Mwy o Sgorio

    Mwy o Sgorio

    All the action from the Cymru Premier and the biggest Welsh football stories in a jam-packed programme.

  • Ar y Dibyn

    Ar y Dibyn

    Ten amateur adventurers battle it out to win ana package worth £10,000.

  • Boom!


    Join Rhys and Aled Bidder for the science experiments that are too dangerous to try at home. This time, they are at a scrapyard to see how a pendulum works, they compete in a reaction game and Super Aled tries to pull a car using a mechanical advantage.

  • Ci Da

    Ci Da

    Series about our furry friends; dogs. Facts and fun things to do with your pet.

  • Cymru o'r Awyr

    Cymru o'r Awyr

    A series in which glorious aerial photography of Wales is blended with the words and works of some of our most valuable writers, poets, writers and singers - all inspired by the landscapes beneath. In the final episode, actor Matthew Rhys takes us through an early morning in Laugharne, with the unforgettable words of Dylan Thomas. Alun Wyn Bevan reminisces about growing up with Port Talbot's industry and the beauty of the Neath Valley; Aneirin Karadog takes us to the Brecon Beacons of his childh

  • Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Great educational programmes for younger viewers.

  • Nos Da Cyw

    Nos Da Cyw

    Sh! The sun is setting so let¿s get ready for a bedtime story. Today¿s story is about Llew and the hairbrush.

  • Oli Wyn

    Oli Wyn

    Two very special vehicles are needed to cut down and move trees: a harvester and forwarder. Let¿s go see how they work together in Fforest Fawr near Caerphilly.

  • Natur a Ni

    Natur a Ni

    Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes will feature on Natur a Ni this week with Cynan Jones, we get to know our rivers with Richard Rees and and Daniel Jenkins-Jones tells us more about Wales' birds. Also, Elinor Gwynn keeps Morgan Jones company.

  • Dau Gi Bach

    Dau Gi Bach

    This time: Martha is lonely and looking forward to welcoming Marli the cocker spaniel to their home - but will they get along'

  • None


    In this documentary, and for the first time on camera, one of the survivors who was a former pupil of John Owen, shares his experiences, his thoughts and the effect that years of abuse had on him while at Ysgol Rhydfelen during the 80s.

  • Parti Bwyd Beca

    Parti Bwyd Beca

    More great recipes and fun in the kitchen with Beca Lyne-Pirkis.

  • Nyrsys


    Nurses - we rely on these dedicated men and women to take care of us from the beginning of our lives to the end. However, with one in three nurses leaving the post, there is a strain on the remaining nurse in Welsh hospitals. In a brand-new series, we will hear from the country's most experienced nurses and those who are new to the career about their experiences. This time, we visit Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff and Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, to see their good work.

  • Ffermio


    This time: a Ceredigion farm business comes out on top in a national competition; a family who have diversified the farm in order to secure the future; and the story of a farmer who has ventured in more than one way.

  • Penblwyddi Cyw

    Penblwyddi Cyw

    If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw!

  • Cacamwnci


    A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

  •  Curadur


    Osian Llyr, lead vocalist for the Cardiff band Sybs, is Curator of this episode. Music by Bandicoot, Thallo, Sybs and a chat with Elan Evans.

  • Oci Oci Oci

    Oci Oci Oci

    Darts quiz show Oci Oci Oci is back for a second series, and this programme comes from Newcastle Emlyn, with teams competing from Aberystwyth, Talgarreg and Newcastle Emlyn. The series is presented by Eleri Sion & Ifan Jones Evans, with the three teams competing against each other to win a pot of money.

  • Bwystfil


    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all' Well, some of these beasts of course! In today¿s programme, we¿ll meet 10 of the prettiest beasts in the world.

  • Potsh


    Potsh ¿ the show where 4 inexperienced cooks take over the kitchen. Leah and Dyfed will be helping the pink and blue teams as they try to win the Golden Pineapple! They will battle it out over three rounds. Firstly, creating a meal in 10 mins, then a suprise game awaits and to finish, the main course where they will follow a recipe...but some of the lines might be missing! In this programme Ysgol Y Creuddyn will be cooking Fishcakes

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Codi Hwyl

    Codi Hwyl

    John Pierce Jones and Dilwyn Morgan's attempt to sail along the West coast of Scotland.

  • Cegin Bryn: Tir a Môr

    Cegin Bryn: Tir a Môr

    The land and seas of Wales inspire Bryn Williams in his 2016 cookery series.

  • 24 Awr

    24 Awr

    This series will feature people going through a significant 24 hours in their life. In this episode, Rhys Wall from Brynmawr is taking his first steps to pass out in The Royal Navy.

  • Ar Werth

    Ar Werth

    In this programme, estate agent Iestyn Leyshon mixes business with pleasure as he attempts to sell his neighbour¿s home in the village of Llanfihangel y Creuddyn.The house has been on the market for a year, but this week, things are looking up as a young family view the house for the third time. They¿re crossing everything that they¿ll receive an offer on their home so they can move to their forever house. Estate agent Dafydd Hardy is in Nant Peris this week. He¿s meeting one of ten people who a

  • None


    A special Easter message from the Dean of St Asaph Cathedral, The Very Reverend Nigel Williams.

  • Oedfa Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Oedfa Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    This week the Service will be under the care of the Reverend Dr Rosa Hunt.

  • Cefn Gwlad

    Cefn Gwlad

    Mari Lovgreen visits a young couple realising a lifelong ambition since taking on the tenancy at Tan y Ffordd, a council farm in Cemmaes, Machynlleth. Also: the children from S4C Priodas Fawr's early lambing at Llandeilo's Hope Farm, a Llanfynydd mother and daughter's flower arranging business, and Pennal stonemason Rhys Thorndike.

  • Heno


    Tonight there will be a chance to win a hamper of Easter eggs for the whole family. We'll also go behind the scenes of the Guinness World Records programme and we'll look back at the phenomenon of girl pop bands.

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Dr Ann opens the surgery doors, Dorian Morgan reviews the novel Sabrina's Ghost in the Book Club, and with many people feeling down during the pandemic, Alison Huw discusses the effects of 'mood food'.

  • None


    A documentary paying tribute to the late Euryn Ogwen Williams, one of the pillars of the creative industries in Wales and someone who was instrumental in establishing and developing S4C. In interviews with friends and colleagues, we hear about the innovation and the desire to push boundaries that characterized Euryn's life and work, and how the continuation of the Welsh language television industry is part of his legacy.

  • Llys Nini

    Llys Nini

    The story of the furr and feathered creatures at the Llys Nini animals centre in Swansea.

  • None


    A chance to meet some past and present Young Farmers members from across Wales - we get a taste of their day to day lives and find out what being a member of the YFC movement has given them.

  • Pawb a'i Farn

    Pawb a'i Farn

    This year, for the first time in the history of Senedd elections, 16 and 17 year olds have the right to vote - and on tonight's programme with Betsan Powys, some of these new voters will have the opportunity to address and question the politicians. We hear which topics are important to them and what will influence their choice on May 6th.

  • Natur a Ni

    Natur a Ni

    This week Morgan Jones will get to know Welsh wildlife better in the company of enthusiastic naturalists. There will also be an opportunity to identify the song of bird of the week and to view Angharad Jones' June wildlife diary.

  • Her yr Hinsawdd

    Her yr Hinsawdd

    Professor Siwan Davies leaves her laboratory in Swansea University, where she is a scientist researching historic climate change, to visit Greenland to see what is happening in the current climate change. 5-part series.

  • None


    A special broadcast from St David's Hall Cardiff as six talented young Welsh singers perform in the Welsh Singers Showcase competition - Osian Wyn Bowen, Jessica Cale, Kieron-Connor Valentine, Sarah Gilford, Rhys Batt and Rachael Marsh. All six will be competing for the title and for the chance to represent Wales in the prestigious Cardiff Singer of the World competition.

  • Helo Syrjeri

    Helo Syrjeri

    It¿s Terry¿s first day with the Dementia Care group and as Dr Tom tries to solve David¿s toilet problems, Dr Gwynfor advises a young chef about his smoking habits.

  • Dathlu 'Da Dona

    Dathlu 'Da Dona

    Join Dona Direidi for a fun-filled party, full of games, dancing and singing.

  • Bois y Pizza

    Bois y Pizza

    Series following two men from Llanelli who set off on a trip through Europe selling pizzas on their way to the World Pizza Championships in Parma.

  • Adre


    Nia Parry has the pleasure of taking a peek inside the homes of some of Wales¿ familiar faces in ¿Adre¿. This week we¿ll be visiting the home of former Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, in the capital city.

  •  Chwedloni


    Unique stories reflecting life.

  •  Fflam


    After Noni sees her husband, who died in a fire - or at least someone very much like him - walking past the café, the urge to find out more about the stranger gets the better of her. But will the stranger respond to her demands'

  • None


    What will it be like for the children of Maesincla School this year' Will Santa be able to come to everyone's house in a pandemic' Will he be allowed to travel' These are just some of the children's worries as they think about Christmas. With no Christmas concert in the school hall, and no opportunity for Mum and Dad and Grandparents to come and see, the children have set about creating a rather different concert in their own bubbles. There will be plenty of singing and performances by familiar

  • None


    How much of our plastics are polluting the Arctic sea' Mari Huw goes there to find out.

  • Arfordir Cymru: Bae Ceredigion

    Arfordir Cymru: Bae Ceredigion

    Series visiting beaches and villages along the Cardigan Bay coast.

  • BBQ Chris Roberts: Tân a Mwg

    BBQ Chris Roberts: Tân a Mwg

    Cookery series with 'Cofi' Chris Roberts.

  • Beirdd/Beats


    Videos of poems by Welsh poets.

  • None


    Elin Fflur and Trystan Ellis Morris will be presenting this year's main songwriting competition. Live from the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, eight songs will be performed, all vying to be crowned the winner of Cân i Gymru, and the prize money of £5000. The winner will be selected by public voting only, so remember to have your say! Who will be next to cement their name in the Cân i Gymru history books'

  • None


    A fun Christmas programme for all the family, and a chance to praise and reward the Champions Champions! For over twenty years, Carol yr Wyl has proved to be a popular competition, with primary schools across Wales competing for the coveted trophy. Now, all the schools will go head-to-head, with two highly regarded judges, Mari Pritchard and Huw Foulkes, deciding first on the shortlist of ten songs or carols, before deciding on the top three.

  • Cefn Gwlad

    Cefn Gwlad

    Dai Jones spends time with the Plas Newydd Farm family, home of Gwilym and Jean Griffith and their children Medwen, Llinos, Nia and Dyfed. A chance to enjoy many cultural activities: eisteddfodau, concerts, training local children, singing in groups (eg the Conji group) and family Christmas traditions.

  • Chwedloni


    Short films with a variety of people and stories celebrating our national game. This time, with Shane Williams.

  • None


    We visit the Llyn Peninsula to immerse in the difficult and unique life of a group of anglers as they struggle to keep their heads above water. A documentary that reflects the romance and appeal of the ancient craft and highlights the unprecedented challenges that threaten the industry.

  • None


    This is the unbelievable year of the Pandemic, and as it comes to an end, this is an opportunity to thank the heroes amongst us - including care home carers, those who sewed PPEs for hours, those who raised money for the health board, and those who lost loved ones. In the company of Elin Fflur, Owain Tudur Jones and other celebrities, we will give thanks and present the trophy by blacksmith Ann Catrin to our community stars on behalf of S4C and Wales as a whole; and Elin herself will be singing

  • Deli Derfel

    Deli Derfel

    Derfel Eifion considers himself a bit of an Internet Sensation if he receives over 10 likes on Facebook! In a world of icons like the Kardashians, he is determined that he will be Wales' next star... somehow! Currently, he works behind his mother's Deli counter. Over 2 episodes we'll follow Derfel as he tries to cope with running a Deli on his own, realising soon enough that it's a lot harder than it looks!

  • Esyllt Ethni Jones yn Cyflwyno...

    Esyllt Ethni Jones yn Cyflwyno...

    In this episode Esyllt Ethni Jones visits Machynlleth and voices her opinions in her own unique way.

  • Fferm Ffactor: Brwydr y Ffermwyr

    Fferm Ffactor: Brwydr y Ffermwyr

    Eight teams from across Wales compete in the 'Battle of the Farmers'.

  • None


    On his personal journey, the entertaining, eloquent farmer Gareth Wyn Jones tries to find out what an upland farmer in Wales can learn from New Zealand - from farmers who lost their subsidies in 1984 - which contrary to expectations created a situation that has made the country more competitive and innovative. Can Welsh farmers achieve a similar miracle'

  • None


    In this exciting, risky programme, we're going to send someone on a free holiday - but there's an enormous catch. Two people, picked from their phone or social media contacts, will be joining them. Imagine going on holiday with your nan, and your neighbour or even your ex. The combinations of the unexpected are endless!

  • Gwesty Aduniad

    Gwesty Aduniad

    For guests who check in to Gwesty Aduniad ('Reunion Hotel') one thing's for certain: life's about to change forever. Nestled in the heart of the Welsh countryside, the guests at this hotel are here with only one thing in mind: to meet someone from their past. As Christmas arrives at Reunion Hotel, Taith Williams's long search for her biological family reaches its conclusion, and there are finally answers for Judith Davies in her search for her own blood family.

  • None


    Highlights of this year's annual Gwobrau Selar music awards but from a safe and comfortable distance. Brand new music videos by some top musicians, chat, comedy and of course - awards!

  • None



  • Her Ffilm Fer

    Her Ffilm Fer

    A programme summarising the highlights of the films created for the second Short Film Challenge. Building on the success of the first event, the challenge returns to celebrate LGBT+ history month. It will feature the Iris Prize Film Festival which will provide the judging panel and will also contribute to the sessions and masterclasses. The prize offers the winner £1,000 as well as a unique and personal mentoring session.

  • Hoyw, Balch, Caru Rygbi

    Hoyw, Balch, Caru Rygbi

    An honest and open insight into the gay rugby scene in Wales.

  • Iaith ar Daith

    Iaith ar Daith

    Join our 5 celebrity Welsh learners as they embark on their final challenge. Carol Vorderman, Colin Jackson, Ruth Jones, Adrian Chiles and Scott Quinnell reunite with their mentors to prepare a Christmas party to celebrate their journeys. Will the Welsh be flowing or their brains groaning'

  • None


    We head back to the small bungalow in Criccieth, for a peek at the colourful character of Ken Huws, with his infectious personality, as he tries to keep Christmas going.

  • None


    From Cardiff to the Llyn Peninsula, singer songwriter Al Lewis takes us on a personal journey performing some Wales' biggest christmas songs. Along the way he will be joined by familiar faces from Kizzy Crawford to Gwenan Gibbard, Marged Sion and Wales' oldest Brass Band MelinGriffith. A musical feast to celebrate Christmas.

  • None


    Following Covid, the chapels in Montgomeryshire and the area may well remain closed, with the possibility of no Plygain - the traditional Welsh Christmas service - this year. So the community set about organising a different kind of Plygain - there are tears and laughter when interviewing everyone about their peculiar memories, including recollections about pulls of giggles affecting each plygain party in turn over the years! A warm, community-based programme at the end of an emotional year.

  • None


    A unique insight into the life of Mark Drakeford as he tries to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. With special access over 6 months, this documentary watches on as the First Minister is charged with making huge decisions and the Welsh Government faces its greatest ever challenge.

  • None


    Come celebrate Christmas with Gareth the Orangutan and his friends!

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