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Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

A brand-new series of Sgwrs Dan y Lloer with Elin Fflur, as she talks about everything under the sun (or the moon!) with some of Wales' most famous faces. In the first episode of the new series, Elin chats to actress Bethan Ellis Owen. Get ready for a heart-warming interview.


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  • Deian a Loli

    Deian a Loli

    A new series about the mischievous twins and their magical powers. The last thing the family expect when visiting Llyn Tegid is to see a news crew filming someone claiming to have seen a monster! Loli is determined to find the creature! After freezing their Mum, the twins wait patiently to see if the beast with sharp teeth will make an appearance!

  • Blociau Rhif

    Blociau Rhif

    Fun and games for young children with the number blocks.

  • Caru Canu a Stori

    Caru Canu a Stori

    When Twm Twcan finds a chest on the beach, it leads to a day full of beautiful music.

  • Ein Byd Bach Ni

    Ein Byd Bach Ni

    A programme for children in which we visit countries around the world to learn about the history, food, landscape, children and the culture there. This time: a trip to Germany.

  • None

    DRYCH: Byw gyda MS

    On Drych: Byw gyda MS (Living with MS), we'll be following presenter Dafydd Wyn as he comes to terms with the news and diagnosis that has changed his life.

  • Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Grandad has a story from Victorian times. It¿s Sunday and after chapel the family look forward to a special day trip. Where are they going'

  • Awyr Iach

    Awyr Iach

    Today, Huw will be cycling in Coed y Brenin with Gruff, Tryfan and Elen, pupils from Ysgol Penmachno will be planting trees and Meleri will join a crew of litter pickers in Cardiff

  • Gwesty Aduniad

    Gwesty Aduniad

    The hotel reunites two brothers who were raised in Bontnewydd Children's Home after 30 years apart. Ben and Cadi and their mothers Eleri and Jos are reunited, after spending time together in the special care unit for babies, and Gillian Hobbs has an emotional message for the hotel's social worker, Theresa Ryan.

  • Cyfres Triathlon Cymru 2022

    Cyfres Triathlon Cymru 2022

    Highlights of the fifth leg of the Welsh Triathlon Series. The first time this year's Series has come to the north and after a pause of about 6 weeks since the last race in Pembrokeshire, the battle to take the champions crown in 2022 is hotting up! Lowri Morgan and Gareth Roberts guide us through all the excitement of the series.

  • Garddio a Mwy

    Garddio a Mwy

    In this programme Meinir adds more colour to the garden by creating a stunning 'fire border', and Iwan is busy pruning his fruit bushes while Sioned prepares bulbs as Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, Rhys Rowlands has a wonderful day in Antur Waunfawr.

  • Cywion Bach

    Cywion Bach

    Today, a trip to the Butterfly Centre is a great opportunity to see real butterflies and helps the Cywion Bach to learn more about the word 'pili-pala'.

  • Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd

    Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd

    Come with us on a journey around the world to meet some of the little animals that live on our planet. In this programme we get to know the Warthog and the Zebra.

  • Cegin Bryn: Tir a Môr

    Cegin Bryn: Tir a Môr

    The land and seas of Wales inspire Bryn Williams in his 2016 cookery series.

  • None

    Dawns Trwy'r Tywyllwch

    Documentary following best friends Tanisha and Kopano as they prepare to compete in the Dance World Cup, while also using dance as therapy to try and come to terms with the absence of their mums in their lives.

  • 3 Lle

    3 Lle

    Another chance to see Aled Siôn Davies, the twice-over Paralympic champion, choosing three locations of personal significance. Aled's first choice is Whitesands beach near St David's, Pembrokeshire, where he spent many happy holidays. He also takes us to the London Olympic Stadium where he won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games for the discus throw. Aled's third location is the National Indoor Athletics Centre in Cardiff.

  • Gwdihw


    Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - some wild, tame and some really strange ones!

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Chwarter Call

    Chwarter Call

    More comedy sketches with the madcap crew.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    Programmes for youngsters after school.

  • Cacamwnci


    A comedy show for pre-school children, full of sketches, jokes, fun, monkey nonsense and great new comedy characters.

  • Cwpwrdd Epic Chris

    Cwpwrdd Epic Chris

    In the final episode of the series Chris cooks Swedish meatballs in a creamy sauce, lamb shanks with cannellini beans, the ultimate BLT - Mexican style and a whole turbot with fennel.

  • Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Great educational programmes for younger viewers.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Antur Natur Cyw

    Antur Natur Cyw

    Series for pre-school children teaching them about animals and the natural world.

  • Bwystfil


    Whether they¿re big, small, fluffy or ferocious ¿ there¿s one thing that all animals have in common ¿ they need to eat to survive. In this episode, we meet 10 of the hungriest animals.

  • Dim Byd i'w Wisgo

    Dim Byd i'w Wisgo

    Linda Owen ¿ from Anglesey ¿ has nothing to wear for her daughter's wedding, so presenter Owain Williams has asked our professional stylist Cadi Matthews to give her a helping hand.

  • Cefn Gwlad

    Cefn Gwlad

    Hermon Women's Tug of War team, under the colourful guidance of Bill Trefawr, are amongst the very best in Wales. Mari Lovgreen follows the motley crew of farmers, teachers, plumbers and shop workers as they prepare for this year's Welsh National Championships.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    A special edition of the series featuring hymns and musical performances in memory of Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Cegin Bryn: Yn Ffrainc

    Cegin Bryn: Yn Ffrainc

    Chef Bryn Williams travels to France to re-discover the culinary roots of classic French cooking.

  • Fferm Fach

    Fferm Fach

    Gwen needs to know where potatoes come from so she journeys to Fferm Fach with Hywel the magical farmer.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Cymry ar Gynfas

    Cymry ar Gynfas

    In this programme the artist Anthony Evans will attempt to create a portrait of Welsh bard Myrddin ap Dafydd.

  • Bex


    **THIS PROGRAMME CONTAINS SCENES WHICH SOME VIEWERS MAY FIND DISTURBING** When Jack's sister Anni died, his parents prevented him from going to the funeral. Jack feels very sad, but will he be able to persuade his parents to talk to him about it, and remember the happy memories'

  • Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr

    Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr

    A rare chance to follow the whole Welsh coastline from the air. This time, Cardiff Airport to Baglan Bay.

  • Cheer Am Byth

    Cheer Am Byth

    In episode three, Ellie - leader of "Team Rebellion" - realises her dream of joining the Cheer Cymru team to compete in an international championship. She overcomes her struggle with low self-confidence thanks to help from the rest of the team, her sister, and of course, her little son who joins her every step of the colourful journey.

  • 24 Awr

    24 Awr

    This series features people going through a significant 24 hours in their life. In this episode, Ann Edwards from Betws Gwerfil Goch, Denbighshire is embarking on a possibly life changing surgery, which may restore her hearing.

  • None

    Ffion Hague: Jiwbili'r Frenhines

    In the run up to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, historian and broadcaster Ffion Hague embarks on a personal journey to find out more about Queen Elizabeth II who has been Head of State for 70 years. Ffion Hague is one of the few people who has spent time in the Queen's company. While the monarchy still divides opinion in Wales, according to Ffion there is no doubt that the Queen is one of the most influential women of our time.

  • Ahoi!


    Ben Dant and Cadi, the pirates, have landed on Ynys Bendibelliawn, but the smelly old Capten Cnec has already landed there and captured the island. Will the little pirates from Ysgol Dewi Sant succeed in helping Ben Dant and Cadi defeat Capten Cnec and capture the island back'

  • None

    Ein Hail Lais

    Jess Davies, Gav Murphy, Lily Beau, and Nick Yeo discuss their relationship with speaking Welsh as a second language.

  • Arfordir Cymru: Bae Ceredigion

    Arfordir Cymru: Bae Ceredigion

    Series visiting beaches and villages along the Cardigan Bay coast.

  • Goreuon Gwesty Aduniad

    Goreuon Gwesty Aduniad

    A look back at some of the most memorable reunions of Gwesty Aduniad, and a chat with some of the people featured as we discover what happened after their reunion. This time: a look at those who came to Gwesty Aduniad to thank people who had played an important part in their lives.

  • Caru Canu a Stori

    Caru Canu a Stori

    Things go awry for Bili Frog after he builds the perfect beach house for himself.

  • Ffermio


    This time: Dry weather causes problems; more on one of Pembrokeshire's old shows; and farm milk from Wales comes out on top.

  • None

    DRYCH: Bois Yr Academi

    We go behind the scenes at Swansea City AFC to reveal how it uncovers and develops tomorrow's footie stars. Filmed over a whole season this is the ruthless world of elite football where only the best make it. When Wales qualified for their first World Cup in 64 years, 6 of the squad were graduates of the Swansea Academy! With exclusive access to staff and players, we delve into the sacrifice and commitment needed and witness the disappointment of those who don't make the grade.

  • FFIT Cymru

    FFIT Cymru

    The big moment has arrived! This is the celebration of Gafyn, Twm, Wendy, Ruth and Bethan's health transformation journey so far in the company of Lisa Gwilym, their family and friends and the three experts. As their journey continues, what will they be like in 6 months'

  • None

    Apêl Llifogydd Pacistan DEC

    Pakistan Humanitarian Appeal on behalf of the Disasters Emergency Committee.

  • Caru Canu

    Caru Canu

    A traditional Welsh song about a ship's journey from Caernarfon to Abersoch, captained by a very able duck!

  • Fferm Ffactor Selebs

    Fferm Ffactor Selebs

    Team Anni and Team Aeron go head to head down on the farm in the final challenge. From herding lambs to driving a tractor, these will be the toughest challenges the teams have faced. The winners will be awarded the 'Fferm Ffactor' title and three thousand pounds for a charity of their choice.

  • Efaciwis


    In the final episode the evacuees and local kids get a chance to show off their competitive side again with sports day. Everyone enjoys the outdoors and each other's company. It shows that the evacuees and the local children have become great friends and in such a short time.

  • None


    An evening of LGBTQ+ comedy filmed in front of a live audience at Cardiff Bay's historic Norwegian Church hosted by Al Parr. The stars of the show are some of Wales' best comedians - Priya Hall, Ellis Lloyd Jones, Leila Navabi, Chris Rio, and Sianny Thomas. The programme also includes a special performance by the Welsh Ballroom Community.

  •  Chwedloni


    Unique stories reflecting life.

  • Am Dro!

    Am Dro!

    Four walkers will be battling it out for the grand prize of a thousand pounds. In the first episode of a new series we will visit Pwll, Caldicot, Porthmadog and Aberffraw with Mhara, Nick, Charly and Tommie. Who will win the competition and take home the prize'

  • Ar Dâp - cyfres 2

    Ar Dâp - cyfres 2


  • Be Di'r Ateb

    Be Di'r Ateb


  • None

    Birmingham 2022: Cymry'r Gemau

    Birmingham 2022: Cymry'r Gemau is the story of five extraordinary individuals who've given everything to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games: the lawn bowler, Anwen Butten; the discus and shotput thrower, Aled Sion Davies; twin boxers Ioan and Garan Croft and triathlete Non Stanford. The film takes a sneak peak behind the closed doors of athletics clubs across Wales and joins the athletes in the privacy of their family homes to discover what it takes to be a part of Team Wales.

  • Bois y Pizza

    Bois y Pizza

    Series following two men from Llanelli who set off on a trip through Europe selling pizzas on their way to the World Pizza Championships in Parma.

  • None

    Bry: Mewn Cyfyng-gyngor - 1

    Bry is by now working for the Council as Waste Officer, but there are problems on the horizon. Yes, Bry is in a bit of a dilemma.

  • None

    Bry:Mewn Cyfyng Gyngor - 2

    Bry is back! And his life is still full of dilemmas. Life is never easy, especially for a Waste Management Officer who¿s learning to cope with a new baby. In addition to this Bry has to organise a funeral, and even worse ... a wedding.

  • Bwrdd i Dri

    Bwrdd i Dri

    In this series 3 people from the same area will step into the kitchen to prepare a three course meal for each other. Each of the three will be responsible for choosing one course each but they will not prepare or cook their chosen recipe. But will the food and the chat around the table be to everyone's taste' This time, we're in Tregaron.

  • Bwrdd i Dri

    Bwrdd i Dri

    A fun cooking and celebrity chat series in which we will follow 3 celebrities as they prepare and cook a three course meal to enjoy with each other - but-they don't find out until they reach the table which other celebrities are sharing their table for three. Each celebrity is responsible for choosing one course each but all three are required to prepare all three courses - how hot under the collar will they get in the kitchen' The celebs taking part in this episode are Catrin Hopkins, Dylan Cer

  • Caru Canu

    Caru Canu

    A fun song about emotions.

  • Celwyddgi


    Four people, four statements, but somebody¿s not telling the truth. Can they figure out who the liar is for a share of the £500 prize or will will the bare-faced liar grab all the cash'

  • Chwedloni: Gemau'r Gymanwlad

    Chwedloni: Gemau'r Gymanwlad

    One in a series of Chwedloni programmes celebrating the Commonwealth games.This time, Baroness Tanni Gray Thompson looks back on the privilege of being part of the Welsh team at the Commonwealth Games.

  • Chwedloni: Pride Cymru

    Chwedloni: Pride Cymru

    Ivy Kelly talks about her Lone Worlds project, created by her and her friends using her community and local places, after she finished university without a show due to the Pandemic.

  • Codi Hwyl America

    Codi Hwyl America

    As John and Dilwyn come to the end of their journey, they visit Wales, Wisconsin where they marvel at the many signs the Welsh have left in the area - from Welsh flags to street names. Dilwyn is initiated into the Harley Davidson motorcycle chapter in the city while John learns that the Welsh launched Milwaukee's famous brewing industry. The two pals board the camper van for the final time to drive towards Wales from Wales.

  • Curadur - Cyfres 1

    Curadur - Cyfres 1

    At the helm in this episode of Curadur is Gruff Ab Arwel, who creates music under the name BITE. Also, performances by Ynys, Group Listening, She's Got Spies and the poet Dyfan Lewis.

  • Curadur - Cyfres 2

    Curadur - Cyfres 2

    The final episode of the series takes us to the South East to meet Lemfreck, the Newport-based musician, as he follows the city's tradition of revolution and tries to bring together the Welsh language and the MOBO Cymru scene. Performances by Lemfreck, Mace the Great, Lily Beau, Luke RV and Dom & Lloyd.

  • Curadur - Cyfres 3

    Curadur - Cyfres 3

    Cate Le Bon curates this special episode - from West Wales to the Joshua Tree Desert, California. With Pys Melyn, Accu, Kris Jenkins, Samur Khouja, Devendra Banhart, Courtney Barnett and Stella Mozgawa.

  • None

    Cymraes Cryfa'

    A highlights programme about Wales' Strongest Woman competition at the Cardiff International Sports Campus on Sunday 17th July.

  • None

    Cymro Cryfa'

    A highlights programme about Wales' Strongest Man competition at the Cardiff International Sports Campus on Sunday 17th July.

  • None

    Cymru, Alabama a'r Urdd

    Following an explosion by the KKK at a church in Birmingham, Alabama in '63 - where four children were killed - Welsh glass artist John Petts designed a window portraying Jesus as a black man. The window was installed in the church in '64 and named the 'Wales Window'. In 2022, the Urdd celebrates its centenary, and wants to resume the historic relationship between Wales and Alabama, as the Urdd's new choir travels there to partner with the University of Alabama gospel choir in Birmingham.

  • Cymrucast


    Short series during the week leading up to the semi-final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup play-offs. Presented by Jason Mohammad, with a special guest panel, and a chance to build excitement and anticipation ahead of Sunday's big game. This is an opportunity for us to dig deeper into the depths of the game and look at the tactics of Wales and our opponents.

  • None

    Cymry ar Gynfas: Owain Wyn Evans

    A special programme to celebrate Pride Cymru with the artist Mari Phillips and the journalist and broadcaster Owain Wyn Evans. Filmed in iconic LGBT locations and with the contributors discussing what Pride means to them.

  • Cynefin


    Iestyn Jones explores Ramsey Island's history in this Cynefin short.

  • Cynefin - Cyfres 1

    Cynefin - Cyfres 1

    Heledd Cynwal, Iestyn Jones and Siôn Tomos Owen visit different areas of Wales seeking out lesser known local stories.

  • Cynefin - Cyfres 3

    Cynefin - Cyfres 3

    In this episode Heledd Cynwal will be getting to know some local characters in the mart that's still at the heart of this interesting market town and meeting the family of Bois y Crown, the last Tregaron drovers. Iestyn Jones visits a raised bog that is of international importance whilst Siôn Tomos Owen visits the home of a "swagman", and tells the story of Einion, a familiar name in Tregaron.

  • Cynefin - Cyfres 4

    Cynefin - Cyfres 4

    Heledd Cynwal will be taking a boat trip to the most southerly point in Wales, Flat Holm Island, and getting a behind the scenes glimpse at the work of the Senedd. Iestyn Jones will be coming up close and personal with Captain Scott of the Antarctic, and Sion Tomos Owen is on one of Cardiff's most famous streets, Womanby Street.

  • Cynefin - Cyfres 5

    Cynefin - Cyfres 5

    In this special episode we celebrate all that Aberaeron, the jewel in the crown of Ceredigion Bay, has to offer. Heledd Cynwal goes behind the scenes at Theatr Felinfach to learn about the community panto, Iestyn Jones has a go at playing an old traditional game and Sion Tomos Owen goes in search of local historical characters.

  • Cyngherddau'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2022

    Cyngherddau'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2022

    Hymns and more live from the National Eisteddfod in Ceredigion.

  • None

    DRYCH: Byw Heb Freichiau

    Here we have Frank Letch's unique life story as he considers what impact having been born without arms has had on his life. This is an opportunity to enter Frank's world during a critical year in his life, with a substantial archive of Frank's life from the 1970s and 1990s and access to all aspects of his life and family. Here we find out how attitudes to disability have changed, and marvel at what the human spirit can achieve in the face of dire adversity.

  • None

    DRYCH: Chwaer Fach Chwaer Fawr

    A highly personal film from Nia Dryhurst, which explores the nature of familial bonds and the complex relationship she has with her sister, Llinos. When Llinos was about to join the army, Nia was preparing to be a nun; and the differences between them have grown even further over the years. Following an accident, it's time to see if they can heal the hurt and to see if two sisters can become two friends.

  • None

    DRYCH: Iwan John - Aros am Aren

    Documentary following actor and comedian Iwan John and his uncertain future, as he waits for a new kidney via a transplant operation.

  • None

    DRYCH: O'r Ysgol i'r Prom

    The annual 'prom' at secondary schools in Wales is a growing phenomenon. In an hour-long documentary that is part of the 'DRYCH' series - 'O'r Ysgol i'r Prom' follows groups of friends from year 11 in three schools across Wales - Ysgol Bodedern, Anglesey; Ysgol y Moelwyn, Blaenau Ffestiniog and Plasmawr School, Cardiff, as they prepare to celebrate their high-school proms.

  • None

    DRYCH: Ti, Fi a'r Babi

    This intimate and personal film follows Aled Haydn Jones, the head of Radio 1, and his husband Emile as they embark on an emotional journey to have their own biological baby, with the help of their surrogate Dawn.

  • None

    DRYCH: Y Ceffyl Blaen

    Two Welsh companies have left their mark on the international horse market. From making deals with the wealthiest Middle Eastern Sheiks to transporting Welsh horses to some of Europe's most magnificent homes. In this programme, we follow Nebo Horse Transport Company near Llanrhystud and the Jones Family who own a stud near Llandeilo as they seek to protect their global reputation and businesses throughout a period of great change with Covid and Brexit.

  • None

    Dai Llanilar....O Sion a Sian i'r Sioe

    Even though Dai Llanilar is best known as the face of Cefn Gwlad he also uniquely anchored three other popular long running shows on S4C - Sion a Sian, Rasus and the Royal Welsh. Fan, friend and co-presenter Nia Roberts celebrates his unique contribution to TV genres beyond the familiar Cefn Gwlad.

  • Dan Do

    Dan Do

    Join Aled Samuel and Mandy Watkins as they travel across Wales looking at a variety of tasteful and interesting homes. In this programme we¿ll be visiting a Georgian villa in Caernarfon, a contemporary Victorian house in Cardiff, and a tiny cottage with an Eco extension in Anglesey.

  • Dan Do

    Dan Do


  • Dan Do

    Dan Do

    Join Aled Samuel and Mandy Watkins as they travel across Wales looking at a variety of tasteful and interesting homes. In this programme we¿ll be featuring an Edwardian house with a contemporary extension in Wdig.

  • None

    Darllediad Gwleidyddol gan Llafur Cymru

    Political broadcast by Welsh Labour.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Join Nia Roberts live from 'Moliant y Maes' at the Royal Welsh Show, Builth Wells.

  • None


    Connie Orff and her fabulous friends invite you to an evening of Drag as part of the Tafwyl Fringe Week - the first of its kind in Welsh! A glorious chance to celebrate everything camp, queer and Welsh. Performances from Catrin Feelings, Anni Ben and Joanna Bumme.

  • None

    Dylanwad Un Nos Ola Leuad

    A special programme tracing the history of everything from the tatoos on Caryl Bryn to the Opera by Gareth Glyn. This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Caradog Prichard's highly acclaimed novel 'Un Nos Ola Leuad'. 30 years later a film of the novel was produced and this year we see a composition of a brand new opera inspired by Caradog Prichard's original work. In a special programme we look at other works that are directly related or inspired by this incredible novel.

  • None

    Eirys: Mam yr Urdd

    Some of history's most interesting figures, more often than not, women, are people who are in the shadows. Eirys Edwards, the wife of Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards, who founded the Urdd was one of those people. As the Urdd celebrates its centenary, Mari Emlyn is on the trail of her grandmother Eirys' story.

  • Ffilmiau It's My Shout

    Ffilmiau It's My Shout

    Lleucu is under pressure to be perfect all the time, and one day a storm hits that's too much for her. But through the black clouds, a friend comes to offer Lleucu a hand and a glimmer of hope. This is a moving story about the power of friendship and the resilience of one young girl in her darkest hours.

  • None

    Ffoadur Tim Pêl-droed Maesglas




    A fashion blogger in 2052 says farewell.

  • Garejis: Dan y Bonet

    Garejis: Dan y Bonet

    Gwili Jones exhibit at the Royal Welsh Agricultural show, BV Rees celebrate 70 years of business with a huge charity event, and Melvyn and Meirion Evans compete against each other at the Down Rally competition, Northern Ireland.

  • Gerddi Cymru

    Gerddi Cymru

    Aled Samuel visits beautiful gardens around Wales.

  • Grid - Cyfres 2

    Grid - Cyfres 2

    An insight into life on an 'off-grid' community in Carmarthenshire, as seen through the eyes of 17 year old Solwen and her friends.

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