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Iaith ar Daith

Iaith ar Daith is back on the road for a brand-new series as six new celebrities go on the journey of a lifetime to learn Welsh. Taking part in this year's series are Joe Ledley, Adam Jones, Jessica Hynes, Aleighcia Scott, Neet Mohan and Jayde Adams.


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  • Dau Gi Bach

    Dau Gi Bach

    In the last episode, Pat gets the pick of the litter, while Tracy welcomes a new member to the family in Garndolbenmaen.

  • Misho


    A series that looks at various situations that can cause worry to a small child; and how to ease those worries through singing, chatting and a lot of laughter! The feeling of being nervous is in question in Misho today, and Ola Ola makes it very difficult for a small child to attend Sports Day.

  • Sion y Chef

    Sion y Chef

    Siôn and his friends try their best to hide a surprise cow for Maggie.

  • Jambori


    Welcome to Jamborî! Come and join Jam on a musical adventure full of interesting sounds and colourful pictures, where shadows dance, robots play and fruits move to the music! This and much more on Jamborî!

  • Sali Mali

    Sali Mali

    JAC DO is supposed to be helping make the bed but he decides to make a den instead.

  • Pobol y Penwythnos

    Pobol y Penwythnos

    My weekend escape - a day in the life of wild swimmer Siri, music rapper Lloyd and football superfan Rhydwen

  • Ein Byd Bach Ni

    Ein Byd Bach Ni

    We take trips around the world to learn about various countries.

  • Ffasiwn Drefn

    Ffasiwn Drefn

    FFASIWN DREFN - PROGRAMME 4 In this series presenter Lara Catrin and professional organiser Gwenan Rosser will be sorting wardrobes and bedrooms all over Wales. 'A place for everything and everything in its place' is the aim. This week we'll be decluttering and transforming Meinir Williams Jones's wardrobe at her home in Anglesey.

  • Ty Am Ddim

    Ty Am Ddim

    Series that gives two people a free house to renovate.

  • Curadur - Cyfres 3

    Curadur - Cyfres 3

    Cate Le Bon curates this special episode - from West Wales to the Joshua Tree Desert, California. With Pys Melyn, Accu, Kris Jenkins, Samur Khouja, Devendra Banhart, Courtney Barnett and Stella Mozgawa.

  • Pen/Campwyr


    Jason Mohammad presents the brand new Sporting Quiz show where brains meets brawn, Pen/Campwyr. Tirion, Kelsey and Morgan represent Swansea University Rugby Team as they answer sporting questions to gain an advantage against Welsh rugby hero James Hook in a series of virtual sporting challenges, to win a cash prize.

  • Teulu'r Castell

    Teulu'r Castell

    Series following Marian and Rob Evans from Llansteffan, who bought a farmhouse with land, a forest and a Norman castle. In the final episode, after a two year wait, we will see the first ever official wedding at Llansteffan Castle. Also, Ffion and Catrin have a taste of beekeeping, and we will hear about Marian's grand plans for the future of the farm and her businesses.

  • Garddio a Mwy

    Garddio a Mwy

    In this programme Meinir is re-designing parts of the garden in Pant y Wennol. Over in Pont y T¿r Sioned plants an interesting variety of catmint in the Italian garden, while Helen learns how they've dealt with box blight in Aberglasney. Rhys on the other hand discusses how they deal with white onion rot in the allotment.

  • Ffermio


    This time, Melanie will be at the Welsh Food and Drink Awards; Alun visits sheepdog trials in Bala; and we hear about a new scheme which tries to tackle one of the sheep industry's biggest problems.

  • Gwrach y Rhibyn

    Gwrach y Rhibyn

    Sunset is fast approaching and the four teams are still searching for shelter to escape from Gwrach y Rhibyn's clutches. Ysgol Tryfan face a fishing challenge with a twist, whilst Eifionydd are deep in the forest and the pressure's on for Brynrefail.

  • Cymry ar Gynfas

    Cymry ar Gynfas

    Landscape artist Stephen John Owen creates a portrait of radio and TV presenter Jason Mohammad.

  • Cacamwnci


    Cacamwnci is back with more funny and silly sketches! There are new characters like Iestyn Ymestyn, Tesni Trwsio Pobeth, Dani Rheolaeth, and a few favourites like Plismon Preis, Vanessa drws nesa and Delyth Dylwythen . Be ready for a belly full of laughs!

  • Iaith ar Daith

    Iaith ar Daith

    Casualty actor Neet Mohan embarks on a road trip across Wales as he attempts to learn the language of heaven! Keeping him company is Welsh speaker and co-actor Llyr Evans.

  • Kim a Cêt a Twrch

    Kim a Cêt a Twrch

    Join Kim and Cêt on a magical and playful adventure full of dance and music as they search for the character Twrch in the forest.

  • Caru Canu

    Caru Canu

    A series of animated traditional and contemporary songs and nursery rhymes. "Tair Hwyaden Lon" is a traditional song about the adventures of 3 jolly ducks

  • Gwdihw


    Megan Llyn meets all sorts of animals - some wild, tame and some really strange ones!

  • Rownd a Rownd

    Rownd a Rownd

    Efan is still having great difficulty dealing with things, and with Llyr setting off for a business trip, he feels more unsteady than ever and the task of hiding his awful secret weighs heavily on his mind. Caitlin's world is turned upside down once again as her romantic bubble is popped by some unexpected news. Mair is still suffering following her mother's behaviour and she is extremely embarrassed. Sophie receives a telling off which is extremely embarrassing for her, and before the end of th

  • Sigldigwt


    Gwesty Sigldigwt is open! Come and join Tref the dog, Elin and Berian as they look after all sorts of animals, with the help of their young friends. Today we meet Meurig the cat and Jini and her horses.

  • FFIT Cymru

    FFIT Cymru

    The big moment has arrived - the final weight-loss and transformation reveal for our Leaders with Lisa Gwilym, their families and friends. This is a celebration of their weight-loss journey over the last two months, supported every step of the way by our four experts. But the journey continues - how will they be in 6 months' Keep following their journey #ffitcymru

  • Dim Byd i'w Wisgo - Cyfres 2

    Dim Byd i'w Wisgo - Cyfres 2

    Andria is the deserving individual who has Cadi and Owain's attention in the studio today. An actress from Swansea who's looking for a suitable outfit to go to the West End theatre in London.

  • Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd

    Anifeiliaid Bach y Byd

    Come with us on an adventure around the world to get to know some of the amazing little animals that live on our planet. In this programme we meet two families who live in the woods - the lemur and the owl.

  • Caru Canu a Stori

    Caru Canu a Stori

    It's Lleu Llygoden's birthday, and he's looking forward to receiving a very special parcel indeed.

  • Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Jen a Jim Pob Dim

    Maths series that takes full advantage of S4C's popular 'Cyw ' characters to introduce Foundation Phase maths to young children.

  • Da 'Di Dona

    Da 'Di Dona

    Come and join Dona Direidi as she tries her hand at all sorts of different jobs.

  • Blociau Rhif

    Blociau Rhif

    Fun and games for young children with the number blocks.

  • Gwesty Aduniad

    Gwesty Aduniad

    The doors are open once again in the first episode of a new series. Caris Bowen wants to thank someone special who supported her during difficult times as a teenager, and Peter Jones, asks for help, as he looks for his biological father. Chris Schoen from Penygroes welcomes Arleen from the USA to the hotel, where a special ceremony is prepared to commemorate the bravery of Chris' grandparents during WWII.

  • Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol

    Nia Roberts visits the Christian retreat of Ffald y Brenin in the Preseli hills to mark the religious festival of Whitsun. And we enjoy a magical performance by Elain Llwyd.

  • Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr

    Glannau Cymru o'r Awyr

    A chance to see Welsh coastlines from the air - this time, from Pen-Caer Lighthouse to New Quay.

  • Ar y Dibyn

    Ar y Dibyn

    Ten amateur adventurers battle it out to win ana package worth £10,000.

  • None

    Eirys: Mam yr Urdd

    Repeat to mark International Womens Day. Some of history's most interesting figures, more often than not, women, are people who are in the shadows. Eirys Edwards, the wife of Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards, who founded the Urdd was one of those people. As the Urdd celebrates its centenary, Mari Emlyn is on the trail of her grandmother Eirys' story.

  • None

    Cymru, Alabama a'r Urdd

    Following an explosion by the KKK at a church in Birmingham, Alabama in '63 - where four children were killed - Welsh glass artist John Petts designed a window portraying Jesus as a black man. The window was installed in the church in '64 and named the 'Wales Window'. In 2022, the Urdd celebrates its centenary, and wants to resume the historic relationship between Wales and Alabama, as the Urdd's new choir travels there to partner with the University of Alabama gospel choir in Birmingham.

  • Heno


    Nightly magazine with stories from all over Wales and special guests.

  • Ysbyty Cyw Bach

    Ysbyty Cyw Bach

    A series for children helping them overcome their fear of going to hospital.

  • Shwshaswyn


    Come to Shwsh a Swyn for a chance to slow down and focus. Today, Fflwff, Capten and Seren use flour, sugar, eggs and butter to make a cake by mixing slowly and quickly.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Cynefin


    Iestyn Jones explores Ramsey Island's history in this Cynefin short.

  • Copsan- Cyfres 2

    Copsan- Cyfres 2

    A gang from Ysgol Glanrafon are off for a weekend of adventure at Gwersyll y Fron where they meet new friends, including the tutor Rhods.

  • Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Fourth series of the programme following a child on an important day in their lives.

  • Fferm Fach

    Fferm Fach

    Mari doesn't want Mam to put little bits of leaves into the food she's cooking so Hywel the magical farmer explains to her all about herbs.

  • None

    Llofruddiaeth Jack Armstrong

    Since 1979 the murder of Cardiff taxi driver Jack Armstrong has remained a mystery. But now, with new developments in DNA testing and forensic science, South Wales Police are determined to find his killer.

  • Dan Do

    Dan Do

    Join Aled Samuel and Mandy Watkins as they travel across Wales looking at a variety of tasteful and interesting homes. In this programme we'll be visiting an Edwardian house with a unique style in Bow Street, a beautiful old farmhouse near Llandeilo and a Welsh mansion that looks like a French chateux in the Swansea Valley.

  • Symud i Gymru

    Symud i Gymru

    Former dentist Matt York has landed a job in North Wales with Public Health Wales. This means that he, with his partner Robbie who is Deaf, are looking for a new home. Their host, Janine Hall, originally from England, moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog six years ago and has learned Welsh. Topics explored will include lack of affordable housing, airbnbs, diversity, disability and how easy is it to integrate into a small community.

  • Penblwyddi Cyw

    Penblwyddi Cyw

    If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw.

  • Ahoi!


    The brave pirates from Ysgol Gwaelod y Garth attempt Capten Cnec's difficult tasks this week.

  • Yn y Lwp

    Yn y Lwp

    Join musician Catrin Hopkins on a trip down to London for Klust's first gig, where we will watch live performances, listen to interviews with the artists, as well as watch new music videos by Talulah and Gillie.

  • Ar Werth

    Ar Werth

    With the Welsh property market on the rise, the role of the estate agent has become an incredibly busy one over the last two years. In this new series, we'll be following both fresh and familiar faces, as they navigate this tricky world of buying and selling. We join Ian Wyn-Jones as he shows a young couple, hoping to buy their first home, around a house on an estate in Caernarfon. Iestyn Leyshon is in for a treat when he visits a period property in Snowdonia National Park and Marc Morrish and L

  • Y Fets

    Y Fets

    Phil and Iwan the vets visit two farms that belong to two brothers to test the herd for TB. And Dafydd is called out to help 2 cows, one who has given the birth and the other who's trying to give birth.

  • Yn y Ffram

    Yn y Ffram

    In this episode, the journey continues to find a new name in the world of photography in Wales. The theme this week is 'fur and feathers' - a chance for competitors to meet special animals of all kinds, from the beloved to the unexpected. But who will manage to choose and take the best photo and who will leave the series'

  • Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

    Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

    On this week's Sgwrs Dan y Lloer, Elin Fflur will be joined by broadcaster and composer Gareth Glyn. In front of a blazing fire in his Anglesey garden we hear about his Dad's influence on him, his college days at Oxford, a decades-long career on the radio and his great pride in becoming a grandfather. An episode that will warm your cockles on a chilly October evening.

  • Nôl i'r Gwersyll

    Nôl i'r Gwersyll

    In the first episode of 'Nôl i'r Gwersyll', a group of campers visit a transformed Llangrannog -- and step back into the 50s. Who are the 'swogs' that will look after them, and what activities will they have in store for the visitors'

  • Bwystfil


    From giants to little insects ¿ these amazing animals have the strength to do incredible things. Join us as we count down 10 of the strongest in the world.

  • Siwrne Ni

    Siwrne Ni

    A fun, new series which follows children and their families on a very special car journey. This time, gymnast Ffion, is on her way to her final training session before her next big competition.

  • Stwnsh


    Tune in to see old favourites and new series for youngsters all over Wales.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    Programmes for youngsters after school.

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    We hear the history of the Triban Festival and the Clwb Clwcs are here to chat.

  • Y Sioe Fwyd

    Y Sioe Fwyd

    Series combining cooking, tasting and talking all things food, with presenter Ifan Jones Evans at the helm, and chef Hywel Griffith in charge of the kitchen, creating a menu inspired by local ingredients. Joining them in this episode will be broadcaster Jennifer Jones.

  • Oli Wyn

    Oli Wyn

    The London underground system is one of the most famous in the world. Tom, one of Oli Wyn's friends has offered to show him how to travel on one.

  • Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Jen a Jim a'r Cywiadur

    Educational series for pre-school series with Jen and Jim.

  • Y Byd yn ei Le

    Y Byd yn ei Le

    In the last programme of the series, Catrin Haf Jones and her panel of guests respond to the chaos in Ely following the death of two young boys there on Monday night. We hear the latest about the challenges facing the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, and Gwern Gwynfil from Yes Cymru is here to chat about the recent campaigning.

  • Gareth!


    Gareth the Orangutan presents Gareth!, his long-awaited television showcase where Gareth and his house-band, HMS Morris, host a variety of famous guests for a chats, games and a song. In this episode Gareth interviews actor and impersonator, Geraint Rhys Edwards along with pop star and Children's Poet Laureate of Wales, Casi Wyn.

  • Ci Da

    Ci Da

    Series about our furry friends; dogs. Facts and fun things to do with your pet.

  • Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Dewi a'r Ditectifs Gwyllt

    Series for youngsters following PC Dewi Evans, a member of the rural crime team in North Wales as he helps to protect local wildlife.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Amser Maith Maith Yn Ôl

    Today Grandad is trying to fix his washing machine before Ceti arrives for a story. How different was washing clothes during the First World War' Gwen's mother, Sioned, is very busy today and Gwen and Tomi have to help.

  • Goreuon Gwesty Aduniad

    Goreuon Gwesty Aduniad

    The story of those who came to the Gwesty Aduniad to be reunited with long lost friends.

  • Chwarter Call

    Chwarter Call

    More comedy sketches with the madcap crew.

  • Ein Llwybrau Celtaidd

    Ein Llwybrau Celtaidd

    Chapter 3: we drive north to a county that is a cross-section of mountains, forests and coast - Wicklow, Chill Mhantáin - considered the garden of Ireland. The family drives through the mountains singing a few local songs as they pass Lugnaquilla mountain, the highest mountain outside county Kerry. The family ventures to climb a huge new wooden tower in the Avondale house that was home to the politician Charles Stewart Parnell before learning about nature's spirituality from Shaman Hilary Healy.

  • Da 'Di Dona

    Da 'Di Dona

    Come and join Dona Direidi as she tries her hand at all sorts of different jobs.

  • Rygbi Indigo Prem

    Rygbi Indigo Prem

    Cardiff face Llandovery in the Welsh Premiership final at Cardiff Arms Park. K/O 17:15.

  • Jason Mohammad: Stadiymau'r Byd

    Jason Mohammad: Stadiymau'r Byd

    Jason Mohammad journeys around some of the world's greatest and most iconic sports stadiums. In the first programme, Jason looks at stadiums that are examples of cutting-edge design and Technology, including the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Estadio Municipal de Braga, the Yanqing National Sliding Centre, the Aga Khan Stand, and the Sapporo Dome.

  • Dolenni Penwythnos Cyw Bl14

    Dolenni Penwythnos Cyw Bl14

    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Hen Dy Newydd

    Hen Dy Newydd

    In the last episode of the series, our 3 creative designers - Gwyn Eiddior, Mandy Watkins and Carwyn Lloyd Jones face the challenge of transforming 3 spaces in a home near Cricieth. As always, the family have no idea of the designs. The designers have different budgets to work from -so who knows what the result will be' Will our make-over team succeed in transforming an old house into a new pad'

  • Bois y Rhondda

    Bois y Rhondda

    Following the recent documentary Bois y Rhondda, this series will follow the adventures of the young people of the Rhondda Valley as they adapt to the new world and face the challenges of life. In a warm series full of humour and tears, we take a look at the complexities of modern society, and the struggles that a younger generation faces when there are very few opportunities in the area where they grew up.

  • Teulu Ni

    Teulu Ni

    Children from around Wales guide us through the big and small events in their family life.

  • None

    DRYCH: Dyfodol i Dewi

    'Dyfodol i Dewi' explores comedian Eleri Morgan's moral struggle with bringing a baby into an uncertain world, due to climate change. Having vowed never to have a child of her own, because of the huge carbon footprint of Western babies, Eleri now finds herself with a shock pregnancy and 6 months to find ways to have a more eco friendly baby, and find some positivity about the future.

  • None

    DRYCH: Meddwl yn Wahanol

    Psychiatrist Dr Olwen Payne asks if language and culture might be shaping our experience of mental health in Wales. A personal and probing journey to investigate the unique Welsh traits which could be influencing mental illness in our society.

  • Curadur


    Series reflecting the Welsh music/cultural scene. This time, with the legendary Pat Morgan from the band Datblygu.

  • Lolipop


    Comedy drama series. Jac is looking after the school's hamster for the weekend, but there's one problem ¿ Uncle Ted is scared of the furry animal! Things don't go to plan!

  • Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Owain, Jack and Leah are in the Stwnsh Sadwrn studio with games and the odd Stwnsh pie!

  • None

    DRYCH: Rygbi Byddar a Chwpan y Byd

    For the first time ever, the men's and women's rugby teams are competing in the World Deaf Rugby Championship in Argentina. Although they faced challenges, on and off the field, Deaf Rugby Wales were determined to overcome the difficulties and return home as double World Cup Champions.

  • None

    DRYCH: DJ Terry

    This is the story of Terry, a student from Blaenau Ffestiniog and his bid to become a radio DJ. To succeed he'll have to overcome some real and personal challenges. Along the way we'll meet his family and friends and his heroes like radio DJ Ifan Jones Evans. This is Terry's story in his own words ¿ an extraordinary young man, with additional learning needs, who's determined to push the boundaries in every way.

  • Cynefin


    Nant Conwy - an area rich in culture and natural wealth where several valleys and villages combine to create an interesting area for the team to discover. Heledd will dig, Ffion will learn more about the area's connections with the National Eisteddfod, Iestyn will follow the river to its source and Sion will tell the tale of one of the area's famous bridges.

  • Efaciwis


    In the final episode the evacuees and local kids get a chance to show off their competitive side again with sports day. Everyone enjoys the outdoors and each other's company. It shows that the evacuees and the local children have become great friends and in such a short time.

  • Codi Pac

    Codi Pac

    Geraint Hardy introduces us to towns around Wales and finds out what there is to do and see in the various places.

  • Der' Dramor 'Da Fi!

    Der' Dramor 'Da Fi!

    Four people who have never met travel abroad to the Algarve. Each person has organized their ideal day on holiday, from activity, to food, to accommodation. All their choices will be scored, with the winner taking home a prize of £1000.

  • Fferm Fach

    Fferm Fach

    Nel and Guto want to know where Honey comes from. Hywel the magical farmer takes them to Fferm Fach and shows them the magic of real farming.

  • Caru Canu a Stori

    Caru Canu a Stori


  • None

    Marathon Casnewydd 2023

    One of Europe's flattest marathon courses that welcomes elite runners and recreational runners to the banks of the River Usk and the plains of Gwent. Lowri Morgan and Rhodri Gomer will guide us through the highlights of the 4th edition of the ABP Newport Wales Marathon and 10km.

  • Awyr Iach

    Awyr Iach

    Join Meleri and Huw as they go on all sorts of adventures in the open air. Today, Huw will be joining Llantwit Major Lifesaving Club, we'll meet Hollie and Heidi and their spiky little friends, and Meleri and Ieuan will be searching for all sorts of birds in Llanelli

  • Rygbi Pawb

    Rygbi Pawb

    Highlights from the Varsity rugby matches.

  • Sain Ffagan Cyfres 2

    Sain Ffagan Cyfres 2

    Saint Fagan Museum reveals more of its treasures and stories. It's the busiest day of the year at the Musuem as thousands of visitors arrive to enjoy the annual food festival. While the 100-year-old slates on the Vulcan hotel need replacing and the stained-glass windows are given a new lease of life.

  • Gwely a Brecwast Maggi Noggi

    Gwely a Brecwast Maggi Noggi

    Making an impression is on Maggi's mind this week as the staff at the Bed and Breakfast prepare for very special visit. Her dear friend from the Palace is on hand to help with the royal icing and Annest Rowlands shows Maggi how to create a special Afternoon Tea.

  • None

    DRYCH: Alex Humphreys: Epilepsi a Fi

    Alex Humphreys is a familiar face to S4C viewers as the presenter of the weather, Yr Wythnos and Heno. Only the people closest to Alex know she has epilepsy. Alex admits that she doesn't know much about the condition but she has reached a point where she wants to know more. During this programme, Alex will meet medical experts, a historian, and a number of people who live with the condition, with the aim of raising more awareness.

  • Ahoi!


    Ben Dant and Cadi, the pirates, have landed on Ynys Bendibelliawn, but the smelly old Capten Cnec has already landed there and captured the island. Will the little pirates from Ysgol Y Fenni succeed in helping Ben Dant and Cadi defeat Capten Cnec and capture the island back'

  • Jambori


    Hello and welcome to a new series of Jamborî. Come and join Jam on a musical adventure full of interesting sounds and colourful pictures ¿ with rubber ducks dancing in the bath, a magical door to other worlds and a cat turning his hand at cooking. This and much more on Jamborî!

  • Cywion Bach

    Cywion Bach

    Come on an adventure across Wales with Bîp Bîp, Pi Po, Bop a Bw and friends as they learn how to say and sign the word 'sanau'.

  • 6 Gwlad Shane ac Ieuan

    6 Gwlad Shane ac Ieuan

    Former Welsh wingers Ieuan Evans and Shane Williams take a trip back to the Six Nations championship capital cities to reminisce and experience the cities from the fans' point of view. In this episode, the two go to Cardiff to reminisce and meet a hero, before travelling to Rome to venture the narrow streets in a small red car and see a sad ruin.

  • Amser Maith yn ôl - Oes y Tywysogion

    Amser Maith yn ôl - Oes y Tywysogion

    'Amser Maith Maith yn ôl' takes us back to the Middle ages and to Llys Llywelyn. It's quiet today. Llywelyn and his court have departed,they have moved onto another one of his courts. There is plenty of tidying to do and what are the two mischievous boys, Grwgyn and Gruffudd up to' It's quiet in Llys Llywelyn today. Llywelyn and his court have departed. There is plenty of tidying to do and Grwgyn and Gruffudd are behaving very strange ¿ what are they up to'

  • Ar Dâp - cyfres 2

    Ar Dâp - cyfres 2

    This time, the band Adwaith share their music with us.

  • Ar Werth

    Ar Werth

    In this programme our estate agents are busy as usual! Dafydd Hardy has some luxurious new flats to sell in Menai Bridge and is arranging an open day to attract some new buyers. In the capital city, Marc Morrish has a rather unusual property to auction in the Roath area. We will also visit Machynlleth where John Hughes is selling up and relocating after 30 years of living in the town.

  • Arfordir Cymru: Llyn

    Arfordir Cymru: Llyn

    A journey along the coastline of Pen Llyn to explore villages and interesting locations.

  • Awr Fawr

    Awr Fawr

    Programmes for youngsters after school.

  • Be Di'r Ateb

    Be Di'r Ateb

    In this episode, Jade meets Lora, who wants to ask her boyfriend, Richard, to move into her new home together. But, What's the answer'

  • Bois y Pizza: Chwe' Gwlad

    Bois y Pizza: Chwe' Gwlad

    This time: Paris. A city full of love. A city full of culture. A city full of food. It's a historic trip, as the clash between Wales and the mighty Les Bleus well-known. But the boys are not here for the rugby - they want to taste the special Greek that this city, which is so famous for its food, can offer. Pizzas with the famous Yves Camdeborde, mushrooms growing in an old car park, cider and a pizza party of course. Ooh la la!

  • None

    Bry: Mewn Cyfyng-gyngor - 1

    Bry is by now working for the Council as Waste Officer, but there are problems on the horizon. Yes, Bry is in a bit of a dilemma.

  • None

    Bry:Mewn Cyfyng Gyngor - 2

    Bry is back! And his life is still full of dilemmas. Life is never easy, especially for a Waste Management Officer who's learning to cope with a new baby. In addition to this Bry has to organise a funeral, and even worse ... a wedding.

  • None

    Can i Gymru 2023

    Elin Fflur and Trystan Ellis Morris will be presenting this year's main songwriting competition. Live from Aberystwyth Arts Centre, eight songs will be performed, all vying to be crowned the winner of Cân i Gymru, and the prize money of £5000. The winner will be selected by public voting only, so remember to have your say! Who will be the next to cement their name in the Cân i Gymru history books'

  • Caru Canu a Stori

    Caru Canu a Stori

    Even though his sisters make fun of him, Deio the duck loves reading and is over the moon when he finds a new friend who loves books as much as he does.

  • Ceffylau Cymru

    Ceffylau Cymru

    Series focusing on the world of horses in modern day Wales, looking at various breeds and those whose lives revolve around them.

  • Cefn Gwlad

    Cefn Gwlad

    Ifan Jones Evans visits Blaennant y Mab farm, in Dryslwyn, Carmarthenshire where the three sons face a common dilemma. Alun, Daniel and Hefin are all keen to stay at home on the family farm - what's unusual is that they've found a way of doing so by setting up successful individual businesses. Bois Blaennant y Mab really are an enterprising bunch!

  • Cegin Bryn

    Cegin Bryn

    Bryn Williams offers a top notch culinary masterclass to enthusiastic home cooks around Wales.

  • Celwyddgi


    Four people, four statements, but somebody's not telling the truth. Can they figure out who the liar is for a share of the £500 prize or will will the bare-faced liar grab all the cash'

  • Cerys Matthews a'r Goeden Faled

    Cerys Matthews a'r Goeden Faled

    A series featuring Cerys Matthews as she looks into the origins of twelve songs, which either originated in Wales or have strong connections with the Land of Song.

  • Chris a'r Afal Mawr

    Chris a'r Afal Mawr

    Fiery chef Chris 'Flamebaster' Roberts hits up NYC for the first time ever, cooking and eating some of the city's classics - from iconic burgers to OG pizzas and gigantic pastrami sandwiches!

  • None

    Chwarae'r Chwedlau

    Chwarae'r Chwedlau - a new Welsh night that combines drag, comedy and music, with performers presenting their interpretations of the most accessible, surprising and most importantly, queer, stories, legends and mythology in Wales.

  • Chwarter Call

    Chwarter Call

    Join Cadi, Luke, Jed and Miriam in the comedy series Chwarter Call.

  • Codi Hwyl

    Codi Hwyl

    John Pierce Jones and Dilwyn Morgan's attempt to sail along the West coast of Scotland.

  • Colleen Ramsey: Bywyd a Bwyd

    Colleen Ramsey: Bywyd a Bwyd

    A brand new cookery series with Colleen Ramsey showing how she enjoys her life through food. In the last programme of the series, she shows us some 'fancy pants' creations, some look more complex than they are. Also, Colleen's Mum and Dad come over to enjoy a special dessert.

  • Copsan - Cyfres 1

    Copsan - Cyfres 1

    There's a buzz in Ysgol Uwchradd Glanrafon as pupils and teachers prepare for the Winter Fair. But when a thief steals one of the raffle prizes, four pupils must spend time in the punishment room until someone confesses... but who is guilty' A spinoff comedy drama from Rownd a Rownd.

  • Curadur - Cyfres 2

    Curadur - Cyfres 2

    The final episode of the series takes us to the South East to meet Lemfreck, the Newport-based musician, as he follows the city's tradition of revolution and tries to bring together the Welsh language and the MOBO Cymru scene. Performances by Lemfreck, Mace the Great, Lily Beau, Luke RV and Dom & Lloyd.

  • Cymry ar Gynfas - Cyfres 1

    Cymry ar Gynfas - Cyfres 1

    In this programme artist Billy Bagilhole will attempt to paint a portrait of Sir Bryn Terfel.

  • Cymry ar Gynfas - Cyfres 2

    Cymry ar Gynfas - Cyfres 2

    In this programme the artist Wil Rowlands takes on the challenge of trying to paint a portrait of Dafydd Iwan.

  • Cynefin - Cyfres 5

    Cynefin - Cyfres 5

    In this special episode we celebrate all that Aberaeron, the jewel in the crown of Ceredigion Bay, has to offer. Heledd Cynwal goes behind the scenes at Theatr Felinfach to learn about the community panto, Iestyn Jones has a go at playing an old traditional game and Sion Tomos Owen goes in search of local historical characters.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • Cyw


    Fun-filled programmes for younger viewers.

  • None

    DRYCH: Byw gyda MS

    On Drych: Byw gyda MS (Living with MS), we'll be following presenter Dafydd Wyn as he comes to terms with the news and diagnosis that has changed his life.

  • None

    DRYCH: Dyn yn y Van

    Paul has turned his back on the conventional way of living to live in a van. But living in a van is only the beginning of a new lifestyle, he has adopted a new set of rules which is radically different from the life he once lived.

  • None

    DRYCH: Fi, Rhyw ac Anabledd

    Another chance to see a documentary , which recently won at the Broadcast Awards 2023. Rhys Bowler breaks the taboo of sex and disability. He navigates a new and exciting long-distance relationship whilst juggling the complexities of his degenerative condition Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Questioning if there's more to life than just sex' Will he finally find true love'

  • Darren Drws Nesa - Cyfres 1

    Darren Drws Nesa - Cyfres 1

    Family drama following the trials of a teenager caught between two families.

  • Dathlu!


    A fun, new series that will follow children and their families as they celebrate a special celebration together. This time, Gwenlli and her friends are preparing to celebrate Easter Sunday at the local chapel as well as at home on the farm.

  • Deian a Loli

    Deian a Loli

    A new series about the mischievous twins and their magical powers. Nedw Napan is missing! And there's no way Deian will go and stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house without his cuddly toy. With a little help from Mr Bin, the twins reach Hugo Hap-gipio, who is reluctant to give Nedw back and intends to re-home him. Will the twins be able to find Nedw before he leaves for his new home'

  • Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Dysgu Gyda Cyw

    Great educational programmes for younger viewers.

  • Efaciwîs


    What is it like to seek sanctuary in Wales' A chance to hear the stories of some of those who have come to Wales seeking safety.

  • None

    Ein Hail Lais

    Jess Davies, Gav Murphy, Lily Beau, and Nick Yeo discuss their relationship with speaking Welsh as a second language.

  • None

    Fairbourne: Y Mor Wrth y Drws

    Fairbourne in Meirionnydd will possibly be the first village in Britain to disappear under the waters because of climate change. Here the inhabitants speak of their beautiful area and the critical situation they face as the sea level rises.

  • Ffermio


    This time: Alun asks how farmers cope with walkers on public paths on their farms, Meinir learns more about new opportunities for Welsh farmers, we visit Melanie who is in the middle of lambing, and take a look at using slurry to grow duckweed as an alternative source of protein for cattle.

  • None

    Ffoadur Tim Pêl-droed Maesglas


  • None


    An evening of LGBTQ+ comedy filmed in front of a live audience at Cardiff Bay's historic Norwegian Church hosted by Al Parr. The stars of the show are some of Wales' best comedians - Priya Hall, Ellis Lloyd Jones, Leila Navabi, Chris Rio, and Sianny Thomas. The programme also includes a special performance by the Welsh Ballroom Community.

  • Goro' Neud

    Goro' Neud


  • Grid


    Designer Rhi Dancey discusses the challenges to create a sustainable fashion brand.

  • Grid - Cyfres 2

    Grid - Cyfres 2

    An insight into life on an 'off-grid' community in Carmarthenshire, as seen through the eyes of 17 year old Solwen and her friends.

  • Hansh ar yr Hewl

    Hansh ar yr Hewl

    Garmon ab Ion leads the audience through a series of challenges based on game formats previously seen on Hansh videos. A mix of familiar faces from the channel and members of the audience, Garmon will try to answer the eternal question "Who is better: Gogs or Hwntws - Northerners or Southerners'" The contestants will go head to head against the channel's familiar faces in popular challenges e.g. 'Electrical Quiz', 'What's in the box''' and 'Never have I ever'.

  • Heno


    We're live from the It's My Shout awards ceremony, and the Welsh Whisperer visits pub of the month in Llanberis.

  • Her yr Hinsawdd

    Her yr Hinsawdd

    Professor Siwan Davies leaves her laboratory in Swansea University, where she is a scientist researching historic climate change, to visit Greenland to see what is happening in the current climate change. 5-part series.

  • Hoyw, Balch, Caru Rygbi

    Hoyw, Balch, Caru Rygbi

    An honest and open insight into the gay rugby scene in Wales.

  • Iaith ar Daith

    Iaith ar Daith

    Highlights programme for series 3 of Iaith ar Daith.

  • Iaith ar Daith - Cyfres 1

    Iaith ar Daith - Cyfres 1

    Celebs pair up with a Welsh-language buddy to learn Welsh on a roadtrip!

  • Iaith ar Daith - Cyfres 2

    Iaith ar Daith - Cyfres 2

    During this programme of Iaith ar Daith we take a journey back on the language road trips of Steve Backshall, Rakie Ayola, James Hook, Chris Coleman, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Joanna Scanlan and their encouraging mentors, as they travel the length and breadth of the country facing various linguistic challenges.

  • It's My Shout

    It's My Shout

    When his best friend, Gwil, hits rock bottom, Otto vows to find him a new love, but in doing so it forces him to decide which is most important - his friend's happiness or his own existence.

  • Itopia - Cyfres 1

    Itopia - Cyfres 1

    A 'sci-fi' series full of suspense. Mari comes face to face with her father at last. It's a race against time ¿ with danger lurking behind every corner in Itopia, will Alys and the others find a way to save Lwsi, or get hold of F.N. Stine in time to stop the update' Final episode of the series.

  • Itopia - Cyfres 2

    Itopia - Cyfres 2

    Sci-fi drama full of mystery.

  • Lwp ar Dap

    Lwp ar Dap


  • Mwy Na Daffs a Taffs

    Mwy Na Daffs a Taffs

    During the series Miriam Isaac finds out what preconceptions familiar influencers have about Wales. The last Episode will see winner of RuPaul's drag race UK Blu Hydrangea travel from Belfast to Ceredigion. Whilst spending two days in the area with Miriam and Serenity she will experience the strong LGBTQ+ community in rural Wales and see that life in Wales in not Drag !.

  • Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Mwy o Stwnsh Sadwrn

    We're in the Stwnsh Sadwrn studio with games and the odd Stwnsh pie!

  • Nos Da Cyw

    Nos Da Cyw

    A series of bedtime stories. Today, Owain Arthur reads Plwmp a'r Ardd Flodau.

  • Nyrsys


    In this series, we will hear from the country's most experienced nurses and those who are new to the career about their experiences. In the final chapter of the series we follow Carys in the Rhondda, who visits Wil, we are with Megan in the Neath area, a first year student on placement with a learning disability nursing team, and then with Gwawr who is also a student on a hospice placement looking after patients who need palliative care.

  • Pa Fath o Bobl ... 2021

    Pa Fath o Bobl ... 2021

    Welsh Independence a hot topic, a complex topic, an intense subject. A topic where ⅔ of the country is raging behind their screens. Why does it feel as if everyone's talking about independence' Garmon grabs the proverbial bull's horns and writes a play to see how we got to this point in Welsh history.

  • Paid Ti Meiddio Chwerthin

    Paid Ti Meiddio Chwerthin

    A new series where Molly Palmer puts four contestants under pressure not to laugh! This week Dom James, Mared Parry, Mali Haf and Geraint Rhys Edwards take part.

  • Paid Ti Meiddio Chwerthin - Cyfres 2

    Paid Ti Meiddio Chwerthin - Cyfres 2

    We've all been there, wanting to laugh when you shouldn't. Yes, Molly's back! This time, Gwion Ifan tries to crack students from the University of South Wales!

  • Pawb a'i Farn

    Pawb a'i Farn

    This time, from Theatr y Stiwt, Rhosllanerchrugog, we discuss the situation at Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board and the issue of cancelling road projects in Wales and what the future holds for communities like Rhosllanerchrugog. Join the local residents and the politicians - Nia Griffith, Welsh Labour; Rhun ap Iorwerth, Plaid Cymru; and Liberal Democrat, Jane Dodds - to discuss answers to these burning questions.

  • Pen Petrol - Cyfres 2

    Pen Petrol - Cyfres 2

    A new face leads the Unit Thirteen car crew to show why so many people are obsessed with lorries in Wales. The lads can't understand why anyone likes the "boring, slow, ugly" things on the road - just a tool to do a job. It's really nuts how quickly they change their minds to tell you the truth...

  • Penblwyddi Cyw

    Penblwyddi Cyw

    If you're celebrating your birthday, you may be lucky enough to see your photo on today's Cyw.

  • Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Pigo Dy Drwyn

    Join Gareth and Cadi for some snot-tastic games as the yellow team and the pink team from Pontyclun Primary School compete.

  • Priodas Pum Mil

    Priodas Pum Mil

    Emma Walford and Trystan Ellis-Morris help Lleucu and Stephen from Llandysul say 'I do', with the help of a famous little yellow van in tow. And with their family and friends being busy bees pulling everything together within budget, there's a great buzz surrounding the big day with a special appearance from Emma's band-mates Eden.

  • Prosiect Z

    Prosiect Z

    Series full of physical challenges and problem solving for secondary school pupils. Can they escape the zombies'

  • Prynhawn Da

    Prynhawn Da

    Clwb Clecs discuss the week's hot topics and we hear what to watch at the cinema.

  • None

    Queens Cwm Rag

    The Queens of 'Cwm Rag' embark on a homecoming like no other by climbing Snowdon¿ in high heels!

  • Rygbi Pawb

    Rygbi Pawb


  • Rygbi Pawb

    Rygbi Pawb

    Weekly rugby magazine with news, highlights and the latest reports.

  • Sain Ffagan - Cyfres 1

    Sain Ffagan - Cyfres 1

    A unique behind-the-scenes look at Saint Fagan's National Museum of History. After 6 months of restoration work, it's time for the scaffolding to come down on the refurbished Clock Tower. Gardener Ceri is having fun cleaning the floorboards at Kennixton Farm by stamping herbs into them!

  • Sgorio Gweddarllediadau

    Sgorio Gweddarllediadau

    Bala Town v Newtown in the JD Cymru Premier play-off semi-final. K/O 19.45.

  • Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

    Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

    With us about to step into the Six Nations, tonight Elin will travel down the A470 to meet former Wales and Lions star Gareth Davies. An opportunity to enjoy stories about Gwendraeth Valley in the sixties, Oxford education and a career that has taken him from Cardiff, to Australia, and to Leeds. Despite the successful career, nothing makes Gareth's heart happier now than being a Grandfather... and the occasional game of golf! Filmed October 2022.

  • Sigldigwt Byw

    Sigldigwt Byw

    Join Tref and Tudur, a group of friends doing all kinds of challenges against the clock, guess who owns the pet and get your chance to win great prizes playing Ffranc y Ffwlbart.

  • Stwnsh


    Tune in to see old favourites and new series for youngsters all over Wales.

  • Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Stwnsh Sadwrn

    Owain, Jack and Leah are in the Stwnsh Sadwrn studio with games and the odd Stwnsh pie!

  • Teulu, Dad a Fi

    Teulu, Dad a Fi

    A heartfelt series following Wayne and Connagh Howard's family history in Wales, Ireland and Jamaica. This time the pair head off to the Caribbean to learn more about their Jamaican roots.

  • Tisho Fforc - Cyfres 1

    Tisho Fforc - Cyfres 1

    Two desperate singletons looking for love, but what ¿ or who ¿ is on the menu this time' Dishy Dewi and Saucy Shauna will be asking our very own cupid Mared Parry to help them find out if they're a match, or not.

  • Tisho Fforc - Cyfres 2

    Tisho Fforc - Cyfres 2

    Callum is looking for his next scrum, but is Rosie the one' Mared Parry is here to help the two find love.

  • None

    Wyt Ti'n Iawn?

    The agriculture industry has the highest rate of suicide, more than any other profession. In 2018, 83 farmers ended their lives in England and Wales. These are the experiences of a group of young farmers who have been affected by mental health.

  • Y Byd ar Bedwar

    Y Byd ar Bedwar

    Mahsa Amini's death in Iran sparked protests around the world. This week on Y Byd ar Bedwar, one of the Welsh activists, Parisa Fouladi tries to find out more about the reality of life in Iran and the situation of those who have had to flee. Parisa travels to meet her family in Los Angeles, which is home to one of the largest Persian communities in the world, and hears calls that more needs to be done to ensure human rights for the people of Iran.

  • Y Byd yn ei Le

    Y Byd yn ei Le

    Catrin Haf Jones analyses the latest from the political world live from Cardiff Bay.

  • Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Y Diwrnod Mawr

    Third series of the programme where we follow a child on an important occasion in their lives.

  • Y Stiwdio Grefftau

    Y Stiwdio Grefftau

    In this series three talented crafters compete to win the privilege of displaying their work to the public on behalf of some of Wales's most important organisations. The task is to create a piece of work that the organisation can be proud of and want to show off to the world. But with only a month to create, each crafter will need skill, creativity and patience. This time, Snowdonia National Park will set the challenge of creating a bench for stargazing. But how will the crafters cope and who wi

  • None

    Y Swn

    When Margaret Thatcher's government breaks a promise to establish a Welsh language channel in 1979 it unleashes a wave of anger across Wales. This film portrays the efforts of the Welsh Language Society and Plaid Cymru to realise a television channel and Gwynfor Evans's declaration to fast until death over the matter. A unique film about one of the most colourful chapters in modern Welsh history.

  • Yn y Fan a'r Lle

    Yn y Fan a'r Lle

    Lee swaps his seat in the van for the luxury of a Limousine. Shaun's crew gives a mother and daughter a hand to move to a barn conversion nearer the border with England and Bala shop-owner Rhys is invited to bid on some historic pieces of local interest

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