S4C commissions Arad to measure the economic impact of the channel

10 December 2020

Following an open tender S4C has commissioned Arad Research to undertake a survey of the economic and overall impact of S4C.

Arad, based in Cardiff, will be producing a case study of six different companies as part of the work.

The results will form part of S4C's submission to the UK Government's Department of Digital Technology, Culture, Media and Sport as part of a debate over S4C's financial settlement from April 2022 onwards.

Owen Evans, S4C's Chief Executive, said: "There is no doubt in my mind about the importance of S4C to the Welsh economy.

"We hope this survey will be a way for us to gather evidence and emphasise the role and positive impact of S4C within communities across Wales. We look forward to working with Arad Research on this key work for the future of S4C."

Brett Duggan, Director of Arad Research Company, said: "We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to support S4C with this study which will examine the economic impact of the organisation.

"By collecting current data from production companies across Wales, wider suppliers and staff, Arad will calculate S4C's economic value to Wales and its regions.

"An additional aim of the research is to gather evidence on the contribution of S4C and its partners to the labour market and to communities, presenting this as a series of case studies."

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