Celebrating the Champions of Welsh Choirs

15 June 2022

In April this year, the Côr Cymru competition was held for the tenth time.

To mark the milestone, S4C will broadcast a special programme, Côr Cymru 2003-2022: Y Pencampwyr (The Champions), on the evening of Saturday, 18 June.

The competition aims to maintain and raise choral standards in Wales, and it has certainly done so since it was established in 2003.

Over the years, talented and impartial judges from around the world have been selected to choose the best of the choirs from the nation known as the land of song.

In Côr Cymru 2003-2022: Y Pencampwyr, three of these judges will return to choose the best of the ten winning choirs - the champions will be presented with a special trophy.

Judge Wyn Davies said: "Over the twenty years the standard has improved, particularly the choirs that did not win."

Also on the panel will be Zimfira Poloz, who said: "It was a very hard decision because it was a fantastic level of competition as there were so many excellent choirs".

It is not only the winners who will be celebrated, but also the choirs that created enough of an impression to stand out and be remembered.

All of the choirs will be represented at a special event.

With presenter Heledd Cynwal back at the helm, the programme will show clips of the choirs over the years with the choirs able to comment and respond to their past performances.

"This competition is one of the corner-stones of S4C events and we're very proud of it" said Elen Rhys, Entertainment Commissioner S4C.

"It's a great platform for Wales' choirs and it's fantastic to be able to celebrate this milestone by showcasing Welsh choral talents on S4C and looking back at some incredible performances."

Past winners include Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion, Cywair, Côr Heol y March, Serendipity, Côr y Wiber, Côr Merched Sir Gâr and Côrdydd.

2004 winners

2003 Winners - Ysgol Gerdd Ceredigion

2022 Winners - Côrdydd

2022 Winners - Côrdydd

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