Invitation to Tender for provision of Project Management Services and Digital Content Production for the S4C #Iaith2020 Campaign

S4C is issuing an Invitation to Tender for the supply of Project Management Services and Digital Content Production for the S4C #Iaith2020 Campaign. The Invitation to Tender has been advertised on the Sell2Wales.co.uk website. All businesses interested in providing the services must complete a response in the form set out in the documents below. The deadline for receipt by S4C of the completed tenders is midday on Monday 9th of December 2019.

All requests for further information and/or guidance in completing a response and/or this competitive process should be addressed to: tenderquestions@s4c.cymru Please note that no queries or requests for information relating to this tender process should be addressed to any individual officer, employee or representative of S4C.

The closing date for receipt of requests for additional information and for guidance in completing the response is midday on Monday 25th of November 2019.

Invitation to tender for provision of Project Management Services and Digital Content Production for the S4C #Iaith2020 Campaign

Appendix 3 - Basic Information Form

Agreement For The Provision Of Campaign Project Management and Digital Material Production Services

Question 1

Is the £80,000 fee exclusive of VAT?

Answer 1

Yes, the fee would be exclusive of VAT and all elements of the work should be costed separately.

Question 2

When the tender asks: 'A proposal for delivery of the Campaign Project Management Services including: a suggested campaign identity', what are you looking for in this response, please?

Answer 2

We are looking for any ideas and a high level overview of a campaign identity. We would not expect a fully formed identity with images etc as we will work with the successful agency on this piece of work once the contract has been awarded.

Question 3

Do you have any expectations in terms of the media campaign - TV, radio, outdoor – or is it up to the discretion of the agency?

Answer 3

We are targeting a broad range of audiences and would therefore expect to see a full mix of communications and marketing channels and activities employed in the suggested campaign.

We would certainly expect the campaign to be heavily weighted towards digital content and we welcome further ideas from the agency as to what is best suited to the campaign whilst targeting all audiences.

Question 4

Do you anticipate the media campaign including social media advertising?

Answer 4

We would expect to see social media advertising included in the overall campaign.

Question 5

Do you have any expectation of how much budget would be put towards the media campaign or is it up to the agency to decide?

Answer 5

It would be up to the agency to prepare a fully costed plan with budget against each of the activities.

Question 6

Does the budget need to include event costs?

Answer 6

If the campaign plan includes events then they would need to be costed as part of the overall campaign.

Question 7

If you're already attending events such as the Eisteddfod, Urdd, Tafwyl etc – can the campaign be promoted at these events under S4C's presence?

Answer 7

This campaign will be one of S4C's key campaigns for 2020 and we would therefore expect to promote it during all our national events and regular campaigns.

Question 8

How is the campaign going to be split between S4C internal team and external agency? Who is doing what?

Answer 8

This would be agreed once the successful agency has been selected.

Question 9

In terms of the two TV shows mentioned, are they being promoted individually under a separate budget or does it need to fall in within this budget?

Answer 9

The two TV programmes will have separate marketing and communications budgets.

Question 10

Will the campaign have a web page on the S4C website?

Answer 10

Yes, there will be a campaign page on the S4C website to host digital content, potential forums and details of the ongoing activities.

Question 11

S4C archives – could we get free access to content?

Answer 11

Depending on the ideas around content this could be investigated.

Question 12

Do you run surveys annually? If so, can we build in a question about this campaign to aid with evaluation?

Answer 12

We run surveys with our viewers throughout the year to test audience reaction to S4C content and events and there are a range of external surveys that could be used to aid with evaluation.

Question 13

What does success look like to you?

Answer 13

We will set a range of KPIs as the campaign develops but the main objective is to create a conversation about the current state and future of the Welsh language throughout the year.

The main objective is to engage with our audience and the people of Wales to create a conversation about the state of the Welsh language as it stands today. Therefore, we would be looking at high awareness of the campaign and engagement to the content produced whether that be TV series, social media, digital content or other activities.

Question 14

Is #Iaith2020 set in stone, or would you be open to other suggestions?

Answer 14

We are open to other suggestions.

Question 15

Apart from 'Iaith ar Daith' and 'Hanes yr Iaith', are there any other specific programmes being broadcast by S4C in 2019, that specifically align with the #Iaith2020 campaign – which would thus steer content?

Answer 15

Other programmes and archive programmes are being discussed, however the two highlighted series are the priorities within the schedule. The emphasis however will be on creating content that is consistent with the main message of the project which is to create a conversation about the language.

Question 16

One of the brief's key deliverables will see the successful agency 'develop and implement a brand and identity for the campaign'. Would it be possible to define the scope of what is meant by identity, please? For example: does this identity include the development of a brand mark / logo?

Answer 16

We are looking for any ideas and a high level overview of a campaign identity. We would not expect a fully formed identity with images etc as we will work with the successful agency on this piece of work once the contract has been awarded.

Question 17

There is mention in the brief of S4C wanting to refresh its position as the cornerstone of the Welsh language for all. Are we required to put forward ideas for and rationale behind this new positioning?

Answer 17

No the Welsh language is already established as one of S4C's core values.

Question 18

Will costs for any paid / promoted social media content come from this particular campaign's budget – or from a separate budget allocated specifically for digital media spend?

Answer 18

The budget includes all aspects including social/digital media but please cost each element of the campaign separately.

Question 19

What capacity do you have in-house? For example, do you have in-house multimedia experts who will be able to create content?

Answer 19

This would be agreed once the successful agency has been selected, however, your application should not be reliant on S4C.

Question 20

Will the successful agency be expected to film / photograph / produce and edit all content, or will this be done by S4C's in-house teams?

Answer 20

Both S4C and the successful agency will create content – the detail will be agreed once the successful agency has been selected. For the purposes of the tender process, please provide a cost for a typical 2 minute video.

Question 21

As a minimum requirement, how much / many pieces of content will the successful agency be required to produce on a monthly basis? Are there a minimum number of posts / photos / videos needed each month, or will this be steered by the agency's recommendations and use of campaign budget?

Answer 21

This will be steered by the successful campaign plan.

Question 22

Is there any more detailed information / data on the socio-demographic makeups of the three target audiences identified in the brief (non-Welsh speakers; light users; core audience)?

Answer 22

We cannot release more detailed information on the socio-demographic details of the different audiences but there is information on programme viewer figures available on the S4C website http://www.s4c.cymru/cy/amdanom-ni/page/31291/ffig...

Question 23

Likewise, are there any other specific audience personas that might prove pertinent when it comes to shaping content?

Answer 23

We do not have access to information on specific audience personas.

Question 24

Will Yr Iaith ar Daith focus on the state of the Welsh language today as well as its history?

Answer 24

Yes it will.

Question 25

Will we be given access to 'sneak peaks'/ BTS footage for the keynote series to share.

Answer 25

Yes, we will be able to share content from the two planned series with the successful agency to create content.

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