• Callout for Hansh Content

    Callout for Hansh Content

    S4C are pleased to announce that we are looking for a production company to develop, recruit and produce a project to create content for Hansh by disabled and/or deaf people. We are looking for a package of content that will give individiuals that are disabled and/or deaf a chance to develop and display their production skills and talent. The production company will recruit a team of people to take part in this project, from writers to performers, with the aim to empower them to create entertainment content of the highest standard.

  • Sector Operational Update - October 2020

    With the testing for the co-location to Central Square hastening, here is an important reminder of delivery requirements to S4C updated 30-10-20.

  • Co-location - content delivery

    As part of our co-location preparations we will be asking you kindly for some assistance as both S4C & BBC undertake testing of the Contents Delivery system at Central Square, Cardiff. Here is another important update 30-10-20

  • TAC Training

    S4C is delighted to work with TAC on training, particularly as specific sessions around diversity and inclusion are part of this partnership.

  • Fire/Circuit Break announcement

    The First Minister of Wales has confirmed that an all-Wales 2 week 'fire/circuit break' period to reduce the spread of coronavirus, will be implemented from 1800 Friday 23rd October and will end on Monday 9thNovember.

    We have updated this information 23-10-2020 on the page.

  • Zoom Sector Meeting October 2020

    Here lis a link to a recording of the Sector Meeting held on 6 October 2020.


  • Covid-19 Production Updates 25-9-20

    Today the Welsh Government has announced extending & introducing further Coronavirus restrictions which will come into force over the next few days.

  • Call out for documentary film ideas: Hansh

    S4C are looking for new documentary film ideas to publish on Hansh. We want stories that inspire, intrigue and crack a smile. We are looking for enterprising films that use a contemporary documentary format.

    We are keen to receive ideas for the stories of exceptional young people which will take viewers into another world with a developing narrative; documentaries with humour that question the status quo, question and provoke Welsh identities; documentaries that seek to provide a positive picture of the diverse experiences of Welsh speakers (or speakers of other languages in Wales).

  • Wearing a Poppy

    S4C has adopted a policy regarding the wearing, or not, of a poppy during the period leading up to Remembrance Sunday.

  • Diversity Survey

    As an equal opportunities employer, S4C is committed to promoting equality, diversity and fair treatment amongst its staff and within the sector.

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    • Delivery of Political Broadcasts, Elections and Referendum Campaigns

      Delivery of Political Broadcasts, Elections and Referendum Campaigns


      This document has been updated. The updated copy can be found here as well as on the Guidelines page on this site.

    • European Parliament Election 2019

      European Parliament Election 2019

      The election period commenced on 15 April 2019 for the European Parliament Election which has been announced for 23 May 2019. S4C has published Guidelines for its producers for this period.

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