• Call out for Hansh Documentary Film Ideas

    Call out for Hansh Documentary Film Ideas

    S4C is looking for new ideas for documentary films to publish on Hansh. We want stories that will inspire, amaze, raise smiles, adventurous films that use a completely contemporary documentary format.

    We are eager to get ideas about stories of exceptional young people who can take viewers into another world with a narrative that develops in the moment; documentaries with plenty of humour that question and tease Welsh identities; documentaries that try to give a positive picture of the wide variety of experiences of Welsh speakers (or speakers of other languages in Wales). We are very interested in stories that are led by women and people from underrepresented backgrounds.

  • Important information - Changes and updates to S4C's online contents delivery system (PAC)

    On Wednesday 19/6 we launched updates to the S4C PAC online system - https://pac.s4c.cymru/

    These include several enhancements to the user's experience and improvements to functionality as noted below

  • Personal use of social media

    Following the introduction of a new social media policy in February, we have published an explanatory note which can be found here. The aim of the note is to provide further detail as to S4C's position and expectations in relation to the personal use of social media by those who work on S4C content. We also hope to be able to provide training via TAC in the near future.

  • General Election - 4 July 2024

    Following the announcement of a General Election, S4C has published guidelines General Election 2024 Programme Guidance on its production website. These explain the rules applicable to content during the period between now and the Election.

  • The Commercial Growth Fund

    The Commercial Growth Fund

    The S4C Commercial Growth Fund is a new investment fund that is being established within S4C's Digital Media Arm. The Fund will invest in businesses that are closely aligned with S4C's long term strategic aims and that can demonstrate the opportunity and potential for growth. The fund will act as a catalyst for that growth and play a prominent role in harnessing the significant potential of the creative industries in Wales.

  • The Commercial Content Fund

    The Commercial Content Fund

    It is an exciting time to be working in the creative sector in Wales. Great local stories, well told, are transcending geography and language to be enjoyed by global audiences.

    From Irish language hit The Quiet Girl to S4C's own Dal Y Mellt on Netflix, the way has been paved for non-English originated content.

    The Commercial Content Fund has been created by S4C International to fully realise new commercial opportunities for great S4C content and producers – internationally and on different platforms.

    Whatever creative field you are in we'd like to hear from you to see if we can help to take your idea to market.

  • S4C’s EPG number on Virgin Media changing

    S4C's EPG number on Virgin Media outside Wales will be changing from 166 to 164 on 4 July 2023. S4C will remain on 104 in Wales.

    We would ask any producers who promote S4C's channel numbers in their programmes, for example sports programmes, to reflect the new number from 4 July onwards.

    Many thanks for your co-operation.

  • S4C signs up to the Coalition for Change

    S4C has joined other broadcasters and organisations in the TV industry to support the Coalition for Change and the Freelance Charter, which commits to improving working conditions for freelancers. TAC has already signed up to the Charter and we look forward to working with TAC and our producers to deliver these commitments.

    The full statement and the Freelance Charter can be read here.

  • S4C Casting Guidelines

    We have recently been reviewing the S4C Casting Guidelines in discussion with Equity. The guidelines were introduced in order to avoid having actors appearing in prominent roles in more than one drama series being broadcast at the same time. We have come to the conclusion that we no longer need these guidelines, in view of audience habits, our multi-platform strategy (including box sets), the on-demand window of 150 days and the changes in filming patterns for our soaps. We will remove the Casting Guidelines from the S4C Production site, but producers will still need to discuss and agree the main cast members for any drama with the S4C Commissioner.

  • Statement of Commitment against bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour

    Statement of Commitment against bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour

    S4C, TAC, Equity and a number of other broadcasters and industry bodies have supported a Statement of Commitment against bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour in TV.

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    • Delivery of Political Broadcasts, Elections and Referendum Campaigns

      Delivery of Political Broadcasts, Elections and Referendum Campaigns


      This document has been updated. The updated copy can be found here as well as on the Guidelines page on this site.

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