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Phase 3 - S4C Technical Block modification Works

S4C is the public service broadcaster providing Welsh language programmes in Wales and across the UK. Programmes are broadcast from our headquarters at Llanishen in Cardiff.

We are planning some modifications to our technical block at Llanishen. Phases 1 and 2 are complete and we now wish to invite tenders for Phase 3, which comprises parallel implementation of building alterations and mechanical and electrical upgrades. Building work includes interior elements (walls, floors and ceilings) and the mechanical and electrical work includes modifications to existing systems, new cooling and lighting installations.

Separate tenders will be invited for each type of work. Tenderers may bid for one or both contracts.

The value of the building work is estimated to be about £120k with HVAC and electrical works accounting for about £180k.

Companies who wish to tender must complete a pre-qualification questionnaire for one or both contracts by 5pm on 15th October 2010. Submission instructions and details of the evaluation methodology are provided in the questionnaire. Any requests for additional information or guidance must be submitted by 5pm on 11th October 2010.

Short listed applicants will be issued with an invitation to tender. We anticipate inviting about 5 companies to bid for each contract. The contract(s) will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender, judged in relation to the criteria set out in the invitation to tender documents.

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Question 1

We do not have accreditation to ISO9000 or equivalent. We do have accreditations with:

  • CHAS

Can you confirm if this is acceptable or not? i.e. would we be rejected?

Answer 1

You will not be rejected for not having ISO 9000 accreditation. The reference to this accreditation in the PQQ shall be deemed to be desirable but not mandatory. A quality management system which provides a suitable means of ensuring consistent and satisfactory quality of service will be acceptable. Please describe your system in reasonable detail, limited to no more than one side of A4.

Question 2

On the assumption that these works are concurrent there can be only one Principal Contractor. The co-ordination of M&E (possibly two subcontractors) with other building processes is the main work of our site management. Do you intend to to nominate the M&E subcontractor to the main Contractor? If not how do you intend the construction process to be managed please?

Answer 2

These two tenders can be awarded to one bidder or two. In the first case it is not an issue. In the second we foresee the building contractor being the lead contractor. However as we do not know who the winning bidders will be, we reserve our options at this stage.

Question 3

You have instructed that the completed PQQ be scanned. That is very time consuming. May we scan and forward the signature page with the full document and other enclosures attached as Word documents etc. please?

Answer 3

Yes this is fine, but please ensure you clearly state how many emails and attachments constitute your complete response when you send them in.

Question 4

Do you want copies of the CHAS and Constructionline accreditation etc, or is it sufficient to state that these are held?

Answer 4

Actual copies of the accreditations will not be required at this stage. These will be asked for after short listing at the "invitation to tender" stage.

Question 5

Question 6c as an example asks for a lot of information. Do you want this typed in the expanded PQQ, or as a separate attachment please?

Answer 5

Ref entry of larger quantities of information, this can be typed into the expanded PQQ.

Question 6

The application clarifies that there are 2nr packages, one for M&E and the other for Construction related works. Which category does the partitions and suspended ceilings come under?

Answer 6

They will come under the building modifications contract.

Question 7

Have you designed this scheme?

Answer 7

Yes we will have finished building and the M&E schemes to issue to the short listed candidates. However the M&E element will be offered contractually as a design and build to ensure involvement from the M&E supplier. This is primarily to ensure that buy in is achieved to ensure a successful installation.

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