S4C Viewers' Hotline 10/03/08

The Viewers' Hotline provides the main point of contact for viewers of S4C, dealing with general queries regarding S4C output and services. The service is managed by S4C's Communications Directorate, the arm responsible for promoting all aspects of S4C. As part of its commitment to engaging with viewers, it is imperative that S4C offers a fully bilingual (Welsh and English languages), professional, informative and courteous service to the public in answering general viewer enquiries.

The service is available between 09:00 and 22:00 daily, 365 days a year. The cost of the calls to viewers must be no more than the standard national rate within the UK. During 2006 12,424 enquiries were received via phone, email, letters or fax.

The services include providing a suitable response to queries via telephone, email and written correspondence. Telephone calls made by the hard of hearing should be dealt with using Minicom. All information and responses given to viewers must correspond to S4C's corporate policies. Other responsibilities include providing reports to S4C regarding enquiries and responses, attendance at public events such as the National Eisteddfod and public meetings with viewers.

"Can the application form be filled by a consortium of companies? If yes, what details are required?"

S4C accepts Application Forms and tender submissions from consortiums. However, if a consortium submits a tender which is acceptable to S4C, S4C may require the consortium to form a legal entity before entering into the contract. Joint and several liability of all consortium members may be required.

If the Applicant is a consortium, separate Application Forms must be completed in respect of each consortium member and S4C must be notified of the lead member of the consortium.

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