S4C Commercial

  • Digital Fund

    August 2013 - August 2016

    The fund aims to support new creative products and services across digital platforms, devices and channels with the goal of enriching S4C's offer to its audiences and generating a commercial return.

    The fund has been set up with commercial monies and will aim, where appropriate and possible, to invest in projects with commercial potential. However, the fund will have a mixed portfolio of projects - those which have commercial potential and those which have public value contributing to the delivery of S4C's digital strategy. It is expected that at least 50% of the money available for investment will be earmarked for projects with commercial prospects.

    Full details for the fund are available to read and download by following the related links below.

    If you have a project you wish to discuss prior to making a full submission you are more than welcome to contact digital.fund@s4c.cymru

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