Digital and Co-production Fund Investments

Co-production Fund Investments

Castle Builders (Green Bay Media)

Co-Production involving Green Bay, UKTV, Off the Fence and the Welsh Government

Across Europe, from Carcassonne to Caerphilly, from the Rhine to the Thames, masterpieces in stone draw visitors by the million. But how were these medieval superstructures built? How were machines and men organised to create such colossal fortifications? CASTLE BUILDERS is the story of the blood, sweat and vision that created these massive fortresses.

Patagonia (Verve Pictures)

Patagonia narrates the journeys of two women - one looking for her past, the other for her future. The film intercuts between their stories, in which one of them travels from South to North through the Welsh springtime and the other East to West through the Argentine autumn. Starring Nia Roberts, Duffy, Matthew Rhys and Matthew Gravelle.

Anialwch/Deserts (Green Bay Media)

Co-production involving GreenBay, Parthenon Entertainment and the Wales Creative IP Fund

The Gobi, Judea, Thar, Atacama, the Outback and Namib; some of the world's most amazing deserts. In this series, six familiar faces venture into the heart of the desert. As they travel through the arid lands, meet the natives and explore the nature of the desert they come face to face with the challenges of surviving and living in the most difficult places on earth. Today's first programme focuses on the Outback - a sweltering desert, where people have to adapt to their environment. Aled Samuel travels through the dust, mud and rain (!) to follow the inhabitants of the Australian desert and discovers their hopes, their fears, and the friendships that exist in the extremes of the desert.

Abadas (Dinamo Productions Ltd)

Co-production involving Dinamo, Kavaleer Productions, Target Entertainment and The Irish Film Board

In a busy corner of Ben's bedroom lies a well-thumbed, well cherished pop-up book. This is no ordinary pop-up book; This is where the Abadas live! They are: Hari the hipo; Ela the fox and Seren the bat and they're the most curious, adventurous and funniest pop up animals that any book could possibly have. Once the book is opened the Abadas' world comes alive, and it's playtime for the three adventurers. Their favourite game? It's their very own Abadas word game. Join the Abadas as they try and match a new word with objects found on the Abada Island and have an "aba-doo-be-dee" time in the process!

Sam Tan - Series 8 (Prism Art & Design Ltd)

More adventures with Fireman Sam.

Tai Bach y Byd / Toilets (Cwmni Da)

Co-production involving Cwmni Da, Western Front Films and Parthenon Entertainment

Ifor ap Glyn travels the world in search of the history of the toilet including Roman latrines in Spain, and a 130 year old working toilet at the House of Lords in Westminster.

Y Gwyll/Hinterland (Fiction Factory)

S4C's new drama detective series set in Aberystwyth and starring Richard Harrington, Mali Harries, Alex Harries and Hannah Daniel. Produced by Fiction Factory in association with S4C, Tinopolis, BBC Cymru Wales, S4C Co-Production Fund and All3Media International Ltd. With the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the Welsh Government.

Trysor Coll Y Royal Charter / Royal Wreck of Gold (TiFiNi)

Co-production involving Tifini, Foxtel, ITV and Off the Fence

On 26 October 1859, on the last leg of her 60-day journey from Melbourne to Liverpool, the Royal Charter was wrecked in one of the worst storms ever to hit Britain. 497 people drowned and no women or children survived. The loss of life was immense, but so too was the amount of gold on board - £80 million's worth - unearthed in Australia and lost at sea. And some of it still lies there. In this series, in the company of world champion gold hunter Vince Thurkettle, Gwenllian Jones Palmer, who is originally from Anglesey and now lives in Australia, delves deep to find the Royal Charter's treasure and those who owned it. In the first programme we see how Gwen and Vince get together to work out how they go about finding the treasure.

Boj (Pesky Productions)

Co-production involving Pesky Productions, Bait Studio, Kavaleer Productions and the Welsh Government

Boj is a free-spirited, 5 year old boy - full of creativity and messy fun! Since popping up as the new kid in Giggly Park, Boj has made a load of new buddies. Everyone loves his zest for life and adventurous spirit. And Boj loves his new neighbourhood too. There's always something to discover and a problem to solve using his upside-downy, inside-outy, topsy-turvy way of seeing the world.

Gwyliau/Festivals (Green Bay)

Co-production involving Green Bay, France TV and DRG

Three festivals of life across the globe explored by ultra runner Lowri Morgan

Digital Fund Investments

Gwylltio app/Go Wild (Rantmedia)

Go Wild is a virtual natural history exploration App. Users are tasked with loading one of four seasonal scenes from an urban or rural setting; they can then discover fascinating facts and videos about British birds, animals, insects and plants.

Master Reboot (Wales Interactive)

Master Reboot is a fantasy horror science fiction first person game. It is set in the future in the Soul Cloud. This is the first ever PlayStation console game available to play via the Welsh language.

E lyfrau Animoolz e-books (Wales Interactive)

Animoolz is a series of five interactive story books aimed at preschoolers, they follow the adventures of five animals who believe they are in fact different animals altogether.

Llefydd Sanctaidd/Holy Places(Cwmni Da)

Holy Places - The English version differs from the Welsh language version as it contains all the locations contained in the original book version Britain's Holiest Places. This is a paid for App.

Dyma Fi.tv (Cwmni Da)

The investment here is in the format and digital platform that sits behind the TV project. The framework of the website allows broadcasters to run the same project/develop the same type of film in any territory.

E-lyfr Teulu bach Nantoer e-book (Unigyrw Cyf)

To coincide with the tv documentary of the same title which celebrated the 100th anniversary of its original publication, an e-book was published which included additional information from the tv production.

Children of Dôn (Utinni Games )

Children of Dôn (working title) Is an MMO (Massive Multplayer Online) which will allow players to visit the world of the Mabinogi, there they will build villages, train druids and do battle with enemy forces. The game will be available to play wholly in Welsh, and the international version will contain elements of Welsh.

Dwylo'r Enfys (Ceidiog/Rantmedia)

The Visor (Glasshead)

The Visor is a truly multiplatform project. Starting out with a ten minute animation which will be broadcast on S4C and be available to view on YouTube the audience will be taken on a virtual journey as the story unfolds in the form of interactive comics and other digital elements.

MobiGuide (Moilin)

MobiGuide is a platform for producing festival and event Apps. The platform allows (amongst other things) for the creation of timetables and schedules, travel information and video content. The company has produced highly successful apps for the URDD eisteddfod and the Royal Welsh Show as well as securing its first commercial commission from the WOMEX festival.

Creature Battle Lab (Dojo Arcade)

An online and console game which will allow young people to create their own incredible beasts and monsters in a laboratory which they can fight against a beast created by the computer or a friend.

The Dragon and the Eagle (Bait Studio)

An interactive Ap which retells the history of the Welsh in America by combining text, video, audio and graphics.

S4C Clic Facebook App (Microcosm)

An innovative app which enables Facebook users to watch all the S4C Clic services within the social network.

Great Gatsby & Frankenstein (Oysterworld)

Two HOPA games (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure). Visual and mental puzzles in narrative form based on historical novels. A new Welsh narrative is being created for the Welsh versions of the games.

Speech recognition technology (Canolfan Bedwyr)

Canolfan Bedwyr are creating a Welsh lexicon which could be integrated within speech recognition software on smart TV sets.

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