Lauren's Journey - Penllergaer

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 km

Start: SS 622 990

End: SS 624 989

Parking: Penllergare Valley Woods, Penllergaer, SA4 9GS

Route Description

This walk starts by the Observatory (A). To get there from the car park, go out of the trust's land, and turn left into an estate of houses and you'll see the Observatory in front of you. From here, turn left and walk on the path towards the trees.

When you reach the path, turn right, and follow the path, you'll see the Walled Gardens (B) on your right. Continue to walk for around 700 metres and you'll reach a crossroads. Go straight across and you'll reach the Lower Lake (C).

Follow the path around the lake, keeping the lake on our left and the Llan River on your right for around 1 km. Before reaching the upper lake, turn right to cross Llewelyn Bridge (Ch). After crossing the bridge, turn right and keep left and climb to the top. Turn left and follow the path along the top.

You'll reach the site's offices, turn left, and walk down across the river. Follow the path down the western side of the lake. At the bottom of the lake, you'll see a waterfall (D), this is the end of the walk.

Points of Interest:

A) Observatory

Grid Reference: SS 622 990

Built by John Dillwyn in 1846 as a 16th birthday gift for his daughter. From this observatory, one of the first photos of the moon was taken.

B) Walled Gardens

Grid Reference: SS 624 988

You can see the remains of the old walled gardens that was a part of the old estate that stood here. The trust have had the go-ahead to restore the gardens in the near future.

C) Lower Lake

Grid Reference: SS 625 979

This is one of two lakes created by John Dilwyn by damning the River Llan. A water vole and an otter were spotted here recently.

Ch) Llewelyn Bridge

Grid Reference: SS 625 988

This stone bridge was restored in 2013 by using traditional methods.

D) Waterfall

Grid Reference: SS 624 989

This is the only waterfall in Swansea. It has been fitted with a hydro-turbine behind the water, to encourage more attraction.

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