Aled's Journey - Llanbadrig

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Distance: 3.25 miles / 5.2 km

Start: SH 374 936

End: SH 401 945

Parking: There are plenty of car parks at the start of the walk in Cemaes Bay.

Route Description:

This walk follows the coastal path from Cemaes to Porth Wen Brickworks. There's no car park at the end of this walk, so the best thing to do would be to walk back to the start.

The walk starts by St Patrick's Bell (A) on Cemaes beach, and then you'll walk to the East. If the tide is high, you can walk along the path above the beach.

Walk through the car park and take the first left onto the coastal path. Continue on the coastal path, and as you reach Padrig Bay, walk on the path directly in front of you and you will reach the road. Turn left and walk along the road until you reach Llanbadrig Church (B). After visiting the church, continue east along the coastal path.

As you walk along this stretch, look out to sea towards the north and you will see Middle Mouse Island (C). Continue to walk for around a mile, and you will reach Llanlleiana (Ch). From here, re-join the coastal path across the headland.

Continue on this steep path for around a mile, and before reaching Porth Wen, turn down to the left towards Porth Wen Brickworks (D). This is the end of the walk. You can follow the same path back to the start.

Points of Interest:

a) St Patrick's Bell

Grid Reference: SH 373 936

This Tide and Time bell was designed by Marcus Vergette and was installed in 2014. The bell chimes as the tide comes in, as the water moves the pendulum.

b) Llanbadrig Church

Grid Reference: SH 375 946

It is said that Llanbadrig Church was founded by Saint Patrick in 440 AD, and it is the oldest church in Wales. It was used as one of the locations for the film 'Half Light'.

c) Middle Mouse

Grid Reference: SH 381 959

Wales' most northerly island. Legend has it that St Patrick shipwrecked here whilst travelling from Iona to Ireland, then swam to find shelter in a cave in the cliffs.

Ch) Llanlleiana

Grid Reference: SH 387 950

Llanlleiana Porclein works remains consists of a main building and a remote chimney. The works closed in 1920 after being damaged by a fire.

D) Porth Wen Brickworks

Grid Reference: SH 401 946

Porth Wen Brickworks is a now disused Victorian brickworks which produced fire bricks, made from quartzite used to line steel-making furnaces.

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