Cancer is something that the majority of us will come across at some point in our lives. Each year, over a quarter of a million people are diagnosed with some form of cancer, with breast cancer and cancer of the lungs, bowel and prostrate accounting for over half of the types diagnosed, of which there are around 200 possible.

The following organisations and helplines are there to help you or someone close to you if you need support or if your life has been affected by cancer in any way.

  • The Brain Tumor Charity

    The Brain Tumor Charity gives specialist information and support about this condition, and has a dedicated helpline.

  • Tenovus

    Tenovus offers a bilingual helpline service and counselling for those living with cancer, their families and carers. Information provided about how to avoid cancer, tests, treatment, care and other support services.

  • Macmillan Cancer Support

    Macmillan Cancer Support is dedicated to improving the quality of life of those who live with cancer. An up to date website, recently incorporating Cancer BACKUP information, and support also through the helpline, in addition to their 2000 specialist cancer nurses.

  • CancerHelp

    CancerHelp, a comprehensive information service for those living with cancer, is part of Cancer Research UK.


  • NHS Direct Wales

    NHS Direct Wales is a 24 hour helpline, which can give advice about health and health services across Wales. It is staffed by experienced nurses specially trained to give advice over the phone and provide information about all your local services.

  • Patient.info

    Extensive, good quality health information usually provided by GPs and nurses during consultation.


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