Domestic violence

Violence can take several forms, including verbal and mental abuse, but when it turns physical from someone close to you, it can be a really dangerous situation. This can happen to men or women, though it's more likely to affect women. Help and shelter are available from the organisations listed here.

  • Live fear free

    Provides a 24- hour, bilingual information signposting service, to help and guide people with experience of domestic abuse or sexual violence and might be in need of advice, emergency support, safety, and knowledge of their rights and options.

    0808 80 10 800


  • Welsh Women's Aid

    Practical support and help across Wales for women and children who are suffering violence in the home. Over twenty five local Women's Aid organisations across Wales. Use the Live Fear Free line to contact.

    0808 80 10 800


  • Refuge

    Help and advice for women in an abusive relationship.

    0808 2000 247


  • DASU - Domestic Abuse Safety Unit

    DASU provides professional help and support to people experiencing domestic abuse across Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham.

    Flintshire: 01244 830436

    Rhyl: 01745 337104

    Colwyn Bay: 01492 534705

    Denbigh: 01745 337104

    Wrexham: 01978 310203


  • Men's Advice Line

    Help and advice for men in abusive relationships.

    0808 801 0327


  • DYN Project

    The Safer Wales Dyn project provides support to heterosexual, gay, bisexual and trans men who are experiencing domestic abuse from a partner.

    0808 801 0321


  • Safer Wales

    An organsiation which tries to make people feel safer in their everyday lives.


  • Relate Cymru

    Various counselling services, including counselling for couples and families and sex therapy.


    0300 003 2340

  • Crimestoppers

    Contact this line anonymously with information about crime in your area.

    0800 555 111


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