There are many different kinds of depression, and there are degrees to which how severely it can affect you and your life.

It is important to distinguish between feeling a bit down sometimes – which is natural – and experiencing a period of feeling low which does not seem to go away and is more likely to be a clinical depression of some sort. Remember that your doctor should be one of the first people you could go to if you feel like this.

  • YoungMinds

    Lot of useful information to help with your emotional life and mental health, if you're a young person. Also, help if you're a parent or carer wanting to understand more.


  • CALM

    If you're a young man, some friendly advice is available from the Campaign Against Living Miserably if you're feeling low, either at their website or by phoning them on the number shown.


  • The DPJ Foundation

    Counselling and training aimed at supporting the mental health of farmers and people work in rural communities.

    0800 587 4262 or text 07860 048799


  • Time to Change Wales

    A partnership between three of Wales' leading mental health charities, this is a campaign to end stigma around mental health. The website has interesting and useful information to this end, including links to Hafal, Gofal and Mind Cymru


  • Meddwl.org

    A comprehensive Welsh-language site which offers articles, links and supportive information for those who are living with mental health issues.


  • Head Above The Waves

    A Wales based non-profit organisation which raises awareness of depression and self-harm in young people. They offer workshops and resources, some bilingually, as well as signposting to sources of support.


  • Hafal

    One of Wales' leading charities foe people with serious mental illness and their carers. Help and support of all kinds available, including support groups across Wales.


  • Gofal

    Gofal provide a wide range of services to people with mental health problems, supporting their independence, recovery, health and wellbeing.


  • Mind Cymru

    Bilingual advice and support to empower anyone with a mental health problem, but with good, clear advice on a range of subjects, including around COVID-19.


  • NHS Direct Wales

    NHS Direct Wales is a 24 hour helpline, which can give advice about health and health services across Wales. It is staffed by experienced nurses specially trained to give advice over the phone and provide information about all your local services.

  • Patient.info

    Extensive, good quality health information usually provided by GPs and nurses during consultation.


  • The Samaritans

    Confidential emotional support over the phone is available from the Samaritans - anytime, day or night.

    116 123


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