Advertising on S4C

Tyn Lon Volvo


Being the only Volvo dealer in North Wales with a range of new and used Volvo cars, it is important that we drive footfall to the showroom. We needed a way to increase the existing footfall as well as raise awareness of the finance offers available to customers.

We sell high end Volvo cars and it's important that the customer is able to view them in the showroom and also be encouraged to take a test drive once seeing a car of their choice.


Not having advertised on TV before we were pleasantly surprised by the costs. We were very pleased to be told by the S4C advertising team of the new TV packages available to us, as a new advertiser, which helped enormously towards the production costs of the TV advert. The process was easy. We were introduced to one of the advertising team's production partners, who talked to us about what messages we wanted to put across in the advert and what results we would like to achieve. We were able to review the script prior to production as well as review the schedule showing what programmes our advert would be placed around. I have to say that we were very pleased as we had an opportunity to advertise around S4C's flagship programmes.

The TV advert was then produced for us and we have been able to include it with our own social media channel.


Having advertised on S4C we saw an increase to the amount of people visiting our showroom and also saw an increase in sales and interest in our finance offers and we are therefore really pleased with this result!

The advertising team at S4C were very knowledgeable and provided a professional service and we would recommend companies who are nervous about taking the leap into TV advertising, to speak to the team as they provide detailed schedules that match your company's aims, objectives and brand values. Not only that, they give you the opportunity to get involved, which makes the process exciting and fulfilling.

Neil Williams


Tyn Lon Garage Limited

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