Advertising on S4C

Teithiau Tango


Raise awareness of our travel offer and as part of our events based marketing increase footfall tour stands at events such as the National Eisteddfod.


We had used a mix of marketing tactics to raise the profile and awareness of our travel offer and to be able to strengthen this and keep Teithiau Tango in people's mind when considering booking their next trip we believed S4C should be part of the marketing mix. On speaking with the S4C's advertising sales team who look after advertising schedules for S4C we were pleased to be able to take advantage of the opportunity presented to us which was the new TV package for new advertisers on the channel. We were introduced to one of the team's production partners, who, having taken a brief from us on what we looking for from the advert in terms of its look and feel, its core messages and what we wanted to achieve from having it produced, we were given advertising schedules and TV scripts. The advertising package suited the budget we had set aside and the schedule reflected our target audience from the programmes our advert would sit in amongst. We were given the opportunity to input with our thoughts which were welcomed, as well as given an opportunity to comment on the TV advert.


We were very happy with the TV advert that was produced for us and have been able to post it to our website. We've also been able to include it in our social media messaging, directing additional traffic to our website by directing people to the advert. We saw an increase in both traffic to our website and bookings as a result of advertising on S4C and are very happy. We will certainly ensure that we include S4C in our marketing mix in the future, especially at times when we need to be giving the business that extra push.

Aled Rees

Managing Director

Tango Tours

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