Corona virus and self-isolation

The current situation with COVID 19 pandemic is bringing the issue of loneliness and social isolation to the fore, as people of all ages express concerns about self-isolation. Some people, for example older adults and those with underlying health conditions, are facing the possibility of self-isolating for months.

We will be adding to these pages over the weeks to come, but in the meantime, there's details of some groups and charities that can help, and some clear, simple advice: do the small things, help others and connect.

  • Centre for Innovative Ageing

    Advice from Dr Deborah Morgan at the Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University, who is an expert on loneliness and social isolation. Her research explores the difference between loneliness that passes after a while, and a more long-term or chronic condition, with advice on how to avoid them: do the small things, help others, connect.


  • Age Cymru

    One of the main charities there to support ageing well. They have groups and activities across Wales, so contact them either through the helpline or have a look at the website which ahs a lot of useful free information on a range of issues.

    0300 303 44 98


  • Anxiety UK

    A charity which supports and gives information to those living with anxiety.

    03444 775 774


  • Meddwl.org

    A comprehensive Welsh-language site which offers articles, links and supportive information for those who are living with mental health issues.


  • C.A.L.L.

    A support service based in Wales prepared to listen to any concerns about depression or other mental health issues. You can phone C.A.L.L. or go to their website for more information about how they can help.

    0800 132 737


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