Motor Neurone Disease

Motor neurone disease causes progressive weakness in many body muscles. In fact, there are many different types of motor neurone disease, the most common of which is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Although there is no cure for motor neurone disease, treatments can help relieve the symptoms and disability that it brings. Information and support details can be found here.

  • Motor Neurone Disease Association

    One of the main support organisations helping those with motor neurone disease. Comprehensive website, local branches and helpline support.

    MND Connect 0808 802 6262


  • healthtalk.org - Motor Neurone Disease

    A very useful website that provides information about various conditions using video clips, showing the experiences of people and carers living with those conditions.


  • Patient.info

    Extensive, good quality health information usually provided by GPs and nurses during consultation.


  • Disability Wales

    Information, comment, opinion and opportunities for getting involved in campaigning for disability equality. Disability Wales is a national association of disabled people's organisations, which aims to ensure the rights, equality and independence of disabled people.


  • Wales Neurological Alliance

    Advice and support for those living with neurological conditions in Wales.


  • AbilityNet

    Help, information and support in using computers and technology for those living with a disability.


  • National Organsiation for Rare Diseases

    Information about all kinds of unusual conditions, including details of patient support.


  • NHS Direct Wales

    NHS Direct Wales is a 24 hour helpline, which can give advice about health and health services across Wales. It is staffed by experienced nurses specially trained to give advice over the phone and provide information about all your local services.

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