Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression affects new mothers, typically appearing within the first year after childbirth, causing emotional struggles and difficulty bonding with the baby. Information and support available form these links.

  • APNI

    The Association for Post Natal Illness offers good advice and information on any aspect of postnatal depression.


  • Royal College of Psychiatry

    The Royal College of Psychiatry website has detailed, up-to-date information available about all types of depression and other mental illness, including symptoms and the best treatment options available.


  • Mind Cymru

    Bilingual advice and support to empower anyone with a mental health problem, but with good, clear advice on a range of subjects, including around COVID-19.


  • Meddwl.org

    A comprehensive Welsh-language site which offers articles, links and supportive information for those who are living with mental health issues.


  • Patient.info

    Extensive, good quality health information usually provided by GPs and nurses during consultation.


  • Counselling Directory

    How to access professional counsellors and psychotherapists in your area.


  • NHS Direct Wales

    NHS Direct Wales is a 24 hour helpline, which can give advice about health and health services across Wales. It is staffed by experienced nurses specially trained to give advice over the phone and provide information about all your local services.

  • C.A.L.L.

    A support service based in Wales prepared to listen to any concerns about depression or other mental health issues. You can phone C.A.L.L. or go to their website for more information about how they can help.

    0800 132 737


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