Parents who separate

Sometimes things don't work out between adults and relationships become difficult. This might mean that they spend some time apart, but this can sometimes make people realise that the realtionship is impossible to continue.

In this situation, it's important to realise that it's not your fault, and the problem is between your mum and dad - they're having problems with each other, not with you.

If you need some more help or advice, or want to hear about people the same age as you going through similar experience, some of the sites listed below might be of help.

  • Meic

    Bilingual helpline and online service about any subject, if you're between 0 and 25.

  • The Mix

    The MIx is a well established website and online community which covers many topics of interest from advice on drugs, alcohol and addiction to sexual health, help with unplanned pregnancy or if you parents are splitting up. Advice also if you've lost someone close. It's full of stories, message boards and comments and advice on everything. Appropriate helpline referrals for each topic are given throughout.

    0808 808 4994


  • Family Breakups

    Information and advice aimed at young people if parents separate.

  • The Parent Connection

    Information and advice about how to look after chidren if parents separate.

  • Childline Cymru

    If your under 18 and worried about anything, you can get help day or night by phoning Childline Cymru for free or by going to their website for more information about how they can help you. The adults who answer your calls are there to help you with any problem in your life.

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