Sexual Orientation

If you have questions about your own sexuality and would like to find some support or further sources of help, then you've come to the right place. This includes help for parents or other family members, or where to get help if suffering because of homophobia of any sort.

  • Stonewall Cymru

    Stonewall Cymru are an organisation committed to looking after and promoting the interests of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Wales, and can give advice on issues such as civil partnerships and discrimination. Go to their website for more information.


  • LGBT Wales Helpline

    The LGBT Cymru Helpline is a free service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, which can help with any 'coming out' issues, and can help you talk through problems and encourage you to feel more confident about meeting other people like yourself. More contact details on the website.

    0800 917 9996


  • Gaywales

    For more information about what's going on for all gay people in Wales go to Gaywales, which gives you links to different gay-friendly services available across the country.



    FFLAG offers local support and contacts to help parents and families understand, accept and support their lesbian, gay and bisexual members. They also work with anti-homophobic bullying projects and community safety projects.


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