cariad@iaith goes global

16 June 2015

As S4C prepares to launch a service to make more programmes available for an international audience, the channel is pleased to announce that the series cariad@iaith 2015 is available to watch on demand, online across the world.

The announcement is part of S4C's plan to significantly increase the number of programmes available to watch online outside the UK, along with developing a new app especially for international viewers. This will happen alongside other exciting developments to S4C's online viewing service; on the website and the main S4C app.

Full details will be announced in July, to coincide with two events which will be available for viewers across the globe: broadcasts from The Royal Welsh Show, and several special programmes to mark the Patagonia 150 celebrations, among them a new film Galesa and a documentary film which follows climbers Eric Jones and Ioan Doyle on a journey to Argentina.

Elin Morris, S4C's Corporate and Commercial Director; "We've very proud to offer the new series of cariad@iaith to international viewers on the S4C website, and we look forward to announcing more details soon about our plans to increase the amount of programmes available outside the UK.

"We are fully aware that Welsh communities across the globe would like to see more of the channel's content. Making more content available worldwide is a goal we have been working towards for some time, and have been in discussions to secure the necessary rights. We are now looking forward to putting the plan into action, with a full announcement of the details to follow soon.

"Although rights restrictions will mean that we cannot provide worldwide access to all our content, we will be able to significantly increase what is available over time. We would be glad to hear from our international audience about the type of programmes they would like to see, and we will aim to respond where possible."

The latest series of cariad@iaith is available to watch in the UK and worldwide on s4c.cymru – with the first episode available online until 17 July 2015. The series can be enjoyed with English subtitles.

Taking part in the reality series this year are eight Welsh celebrities who have agreed to spend a week in each other's company to eat, sleep and learn Welsh.

The stars of this year's cariad@iaith are weatherman Derek Brockway, radio presenter Chris Corcoran, actor and writer Steve Speirs, CBeebies presenter Rebecca Keatley, actress Nicola Reynolds, West End star Caroline Sheen, athlete Jamie Baulch and ex-international rugby player Tom Shanklin. See more information about them and their challenge on the cariad@iaith website s4c.cymru/cariadatiaith


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