S4C is recruiting a ‘Cymraeg’ Strategy Leader

12 August 2022

S4C has announced that it is recruiting a new member in order to realise the channel's work in reaching the target of one million Welsh speakers by 2050.

One of S4C's most important values is the belief that the Welsh language belongs to everybody, and the new role will help support new speakers by owning and growing some of the S4C brands for Welsh learners. It will be an opportunity to work with partners and to take S4C content to a new audience as well as a chance to work with the production sector.

This is a great opportunity to steer the direction of the organisation, package our content and to work with partners to ensure that S4C provides attractive and purposeful content for new Welsh speakers on various platforms.

S4C Chief Executive Siân Doyle said:

"S4C is totally committed to supporting new speakers and to working towards the aim of ensuring a million Welsh speakers by 2050. This role will be an active link with communities which are learning Welsh all over Wales in order to present S4C as a resource and home to those who want to learn or develop their use of the language."

The closing date for this post is 1 September.


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