Catrin Haf Jones puts the world to rights in a new series of Y Byd yn ei Le

27 September 2022

After an historic era in the politics of the United Kingdom, the political series Y Byd yn ei Le will be returning this week in a brand new format on S4C.

Produced by ITV Cymru Wales for S4C, Catrin Haf Jones will be presenting the new series live from the ITV Cymru Wales studios in Cardiff Bay.

A variety of guests will be taking part to discuss the week's hot topics as well as Professor Richard Wyn Jones from Cardiff University who will be analysing politics in Wales and the world.

With a new Prime Minister in Parliament and a new term about to begin in the Welsh Senedd, there's plenty to discuss.

From the cost of living crisis to the challenges facing the health service, the series will try to interpret and analyse some of those issues which shape the lives of people all over Wales.

There will be an opportunity to question some of the elected politicians and understand more about some of their decisions and beliefs.

The series will broadcast live on S4C at 9.00pm on Thursday but the conversation can be followed on social media, S4C Clic and in podcast format.

A political correspondent for BBC Cymru, Catrin Haf Jones is looking forward to the new challenge:

"At such an exciting and complex time in Welsh and world politics, I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to discuss the issues which have a daily impact on the lives of our viewers.

"As we face a cost of living crisis and a difficult winter, it's more important than ever that politicians are ready to be answerable and to be challenged."

Branwen Thomas, ITV Cymru Wales's Welsh Language Programmes Editor, said: "Catrin Haf Jones is an astute and fearless interviewer and we are very much looking forward to working with her on the new series.

"It is highly important to us at ITV Cymru Wales that we can question and analyse the current affairs of the day in a series like this, and to continue to do this in Welsh for S4C."

S4C's News and Current Affairs Commissioner Sharen Griffith said: "We are very pleased to commission a new series of Y Byd yn ei Le in it's new format.

"Y Byd yn ei Le is an essential part of S4C's timetable which brings the latest information from the world of politics to our viewers as well as scrutinising and discussing subjects that are timely and important."

Y Byd yn ei Le will be launched in a special event at ITV Cymru Wales on Tuesday, 27 September and will be returning to the screen at 9.00pm on Thursday, 29 September on S4C.

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