S4C partner with Fubo and Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort to launch Welsh Wednesdays

26 June 2023

S4C have signed a commercial output deal with Ryan Reynolds. The Welsh language broadcaster S4C will provide 6 hours a week of Welsh language content curated by Ryan Reynolds for the Maximum Effort Channel, streamed on "Welsh Wednesdays" in a weekly takeover.

The Maximum Effort Channel is a partnership between streaming platform Fubo and Maximum Effort, producers of the Deadpool films and Welcome to Wrexham series.

The channel is available to watch in the United States and the commercial deal will create income to invest back into the creative sector here in Wales.

Welsh language television channel S4C will supply Maximum Effort Channel with weekly programming including dramas, documentaries and entertainment formats in this long-term partnership.

The programmes launching Welsh Wednesday are – the successful drama series Bang (JOIO/ARTISTS STUDIO), Petrol Head – Pen Petrol (RONDO), Red Wall – Y Wal Goch (AFANTI), Wrexham Our Club – Wrecsam Clwb Ni (WILDFLAME), Vets – Y Fets (BOOM) and Gareth Bale: Living the Dream – Gareth Bale: Byw'r Freuddwyd (BARN MEDIA).

Ryan Reynolds, co-founder of Maximum Effort said:

"As many have noted, there is an alarming lack of Welsh content available for American viewing pleasure. That stops today. Well, actually Wednesdays.

"We're so grateful to S4C for helping bring Welsh programming to a broader audience. And to that broader audience, don't worry, I am told there will be subtitles."

Welsh Wednesdays will begin on the Maximum Effort Channel on Wednesday 28th June.

Llinos Griffin-Williams, S4C Chief Content Officer said:

"Ryan Reynolds is our adopted Welshman and his respect, understanding and commitment to Wrexham and Wales is unquestionable.

"Together with Ryan and the Maximum Effort team we have curated a slate of exciting shows for a global audience, Ryan understands the importance of Welsh culture and the language and has fallen in love with Wales and the Welsh people.

"Wales has a population of just over 3 million, but Ryan can reach tens of millions of people on his social media feeds alone.

"It gives us the opportunity to show Welsh culture, language and talent on the international stage in our Wednesday takeovers.

"This commercial deal will take Welsh language content to Hollywood and the world. It will benefit the entire creative sector and talent pool here in Wales as we showcase everything from S4C dramas to entertainment formats, documentaries and sport. We're a small nation that punches well above our weight.

"40 years ago, people campaigned to establish S4C as Wales' national Welsh language channel – now we will be able to stream Welsh language programming to millions of people on the other side of the globe."

UK Government Media Minister John Whittingdale said:

"International interest in Welsh culture, language and talent has never been higher. It is great to hear that thanks to this new partnership, and with the help of Ryan Reynolds, millions of people across the US will be able to experience the very best TV shows from S4C."

Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism , Dawn Bowden said:

"This deal is fantastic news for Wales. It shows the strength of the Welsh creative sector and the international interest that exists for the content we create here. This will be a big boost for S4C, our production companies and the sector as a whole, and will take the Welsh language to new audiences across the globe.

"The creative industries play a huge role within the Welsh economy and the Welsh Government will work with S4C through Creative Wales to ensure we take advantage of the opportunities that exist globally."

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