Cwmwl - S4C's commissioning tool

March 2023

Welcome to the newly updated facilities for submitting content to S4C. This has been re-designed to show ideas across all platforms including linear.

Cwmwl is the on-line portal for validating your initial conversation with S4C's commissioning team and allows producers to give full details of the idea(s) in question. Where there are more than one project we suggest that you submit them separately (unless they are intertwined).

Please fill in all of the document and the summary can contain URL links to pitch decks (if available) or any suitable media. Remember that this is where all key players will access your idea and we want all the information to be available within the on-line portal.

Costs and initial budgets can and should be made available either as individual items of contents or as a complete project.

The Cwmwl portal is there to ensure that your contents ideas are available to all of the commissioning, business and marketing teams at S4C.

To submit a new idea via CWMWL, click here

(A contents form is no longer required 7/3/23)

If you are a first time user, you will need to create an Administrator account for your company, and then follow the instructions. Companies already set up have control to access from within the portal

For assistance, please contact S4C's Business Affairs Department.

Commissioning Team:

  • Elen Rhys - Pennaeth Adloniant ac Adloniant Ffeithiol
  • Gwenllian Gravelle - Pennaeth Sgriptio
  • Iwan England - Pennaeth Di-Sgript
  • Llinos Wynne - Pennaeth Dogfennau a Ffeithiol Arbenigol
  • Sioned Geraint - Comisiynydd Addysg a Phlant
  • Graham Davies - Pennaeth Chwaraeon
  • Sharen Griffith - Comisiynydd Cynnwys - Newyddion a Materion Cyfoes
  • Guto Rhun - Comisiynydd Cynulleidfaoedd Ifanc 16-24
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