Invitation to tender for the project management of the S4C Cyw Christmas Tour 2013

S4C is looking to appoint a suitable company to project manage the Cyw Christmas tour from conception to completion.

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 15 April - 12.00 (Midday)

Deadline for receipt of requests for clarification: 5 April 2013 - 12.00 (Midday)


If we could ensure that we meet the aims of all of your requirements, would you be happy if the tour only went to schools?

We will consider the submissions on an individual basis and the rational behind the chosen venues.

Do you still have a contract with Sain (or others) to sell merchandise? If so, would you be able to explain the relationship please, so we can include the correct information. Or if there is no agreement, is there an option for the company to tender to manage / sell / profit from the merchandise?

Sain has a contract to sell Cyw merchandise. This contract comes to an end on 30 June this year and we are in the process of reviewing our plans to profit on the Cyw brand after this. It isn't possible to confirm any further information at this time.

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