Tender for the Provision of External Audit Services

S4C is tendering for the supply of External audit services. The tender has been advertised on thesell2wales.gov.wales website. All businesses interested in providing the services must complete an application in the form set out below. The deadline for receipt by S4C of the completed application is midday on 09 September 2016.

All requests for further information and/or guidance in completing this application and/or this tender process should be addressed to: tendrarchwilio2016@s4c.cymru Please note that no queries or requests for information relating to this tender process should be addressed to any individual officer, employee or representative of S4C.

The closing date for receipt of requests for additional information and for guidance in completing the application is midday on 26 August 2016.

Questions and Answers External Audit Services Tender 2016

Question 1

Please confirm that the invitation to tender includes the tax compliance work and if it's policy to have one service provider for both services?

Answer 1

The tender does include the tax compliance work. In the past one service provider has provided both services.

Question 2

Please can we meet the management team to be able to scope the audit and develop an audit proposition tailored to the S4C?

Answer 2

The Management Team has not done this in the past, however, key staff have met with firms considering applying in the past. Key staff will be available to arrange a meeting on Wednesday 7 September.

Question 3

What IT systems are used for the finance system and payroll?

Answer 3

These are the systems used:

  • Payroll – Earnie.
  • Finance – SAP Business 1.
  • Purchase to pay system – Idocuments.

Question 4

What are the audit significant risks?

Answer 4

Audit significant risks. - The external audit plan (which includes key risks for the external audit) is developed annually by the external auditors and presented to the A&RM committee and Commercial Board in February each year. You may refer to pages 116 – 119 of our Annual Report for more statements on our audit and risks.

Question 5

How many hours does the audit normally take?

Answer 5

The external auditors are on site at S4C for approximately 14 days. However, a lot of work is carried out off site (especially manager and partner time) and such hours can vary.

Question 6

Please confirm what formal reports you expect from your auditors: e.g. Audit Committee Paper at planning and completion?

Answer 6

External Audit Planning document, Audit findings report, Letters of representation, Director Emolument certificates where applicable. These would be required for all entities within the group.

Question 7

What is the audit timetable: audit field work, timing of receipt of management papers, accounts and reports to audit and risk committee?

Answer 7

Timetable – Planning in February, Fieldwork last two weeks in April, Audit and Risk committees in May, DCMS Clos pack in May, BBC Trust and DCMS approval in June, Accounts laid in Parliament in July, Commercial group accounts registered in Companies House.

Question 8

What computer aided techniques are used during the audit process?

Answer 8

Our current external auditors have not discussed the computer aided techniques they use.

Question 9

How many audit committees are the auditors expected to attend and how many committee meetings do the auditors formally present?

Answer 9

The external auditors would be expected to attend the May Authority meeting and the May Commercial Board meeting. Occasionally there is a need for them to be present at other meetings (e.g. in 2015/16 a presentation was given to explain FRS102 changes).

Question 10

Will the finance team move to Carmarthen in 2018?

Answer 10

Yes the finance team will move to Carmarthen in 2018.

Question 11

Can we see the whole of government account work to assist us in determining the scope?

Answer 11

The Whole of Government Accounts work involves auditing the Clos pack that we submit to DCMS (An excel workbook that takes the ALB's trial balance and converts it into a set of accounts compliant with FReM). The NAO deal directly with the external auditors on this piece of work. We shall arrange to send a copy of the pack to applicants.

Question 12

What is the scope of the tax compliance work?

Answer 12

The tax compliance work includes all tax computations across the group, supplying the statutory tax notes for inclusion in the accounts, submitted tax returns on S4C's behalf for each entity. Any additional tax advice will be on a separate agreed fee basis.

Question 13

Please can you provide copies of your previous tax computations?

Answer 13

We cannot provide copies of the previous computations.

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