Childrens' Services 13+


It is S4Cís aim and ambition to provide relevant services designed specifically for children. We significantly extended our pre-school childrenís provision with the launch of Cyw in 2008. Another milestone takes place in April 2010 when we introduce our new service for children aged 6 to 13 years.

The 2009-2013 Content Strategy states that S4C will continue to develop its provision for children, and we now turn our sights to another key audience, the 13+ age group.

We want to secure a relevant, innovative and representative service for this age group. We expect the new service to achieve reach among the target audience, creating both an impression and impact. The service will offer a range and diversity of content, and appeal to viewers in all parts of Wales, reflecting their communities and experiences as Welsh teenagers.

In line with S4Cís procurement arrangements, the new service will be offered on the basis of an open and transparent tender process in the New Year.

Subsequently, as part of introducing this new service, the Uned 5 series will come to an end in May 2010.

This announcement offers advance notice of S4Cís intention to publish a tender in relation to the production of content and links for the new service. The invitation to tender is also consistent with S4Cís desire to build on the talent and skills nurtured in the independent sector.

The Tender Process will be consistent with the principles outlined in S4Cís Procurement Policy, and is based on the best practice guidelines adopted by S4C in relation to tender processes.