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Can I watch S4C outside Wales?

Yes. S4C is available on Sky 134, Freesat 120 and Virgin TV 164 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It broadcasts live online at s4c.cymru/clic/ throughout the UK. S4C also has an online, on demand catch up service, s4c.cymru/clic/, available throughout the UK.

How do you get subtitles on S4C?

English subtitles are available on the vast majority of S4C programmes. Welsh subtitles are also available on some programmes. The owl symbol denotes whether or not subtitles are available. Follow your own TV remote guidelines to access subtitles. Sometimes S4C broadcasts its programmes with on-screen subtitles. Subtitles are also available on S4C's online, on demand catch up service, S4C Clic.

More information about subtitles

Is it possible to have English commentary on sports broadcasts on S4C?

English commentary is available on a limited number of sports broadcasts to viewers watching S4C on Sky, Freesat, Freeview, and Virgin Media via the red button.

Is it possible to buy merchandise for S4C programmes?

Some programmes, including children's programmes, are available to buy on DVD and are sold at selected outlets across Wales and online. S4C content is available for access by educational establishments who hold an ERA licence, or via services offered by Clickview and Estream. Further details regarding the ERA licence can be found on their website https://era.org.uk/the-licence/. Books relating to S4C programmes or personalities are also available to buy in selected outlets across Wales and online.

Details of where to purchase merchandise for Cyw

For more details please contact the Viewers' Hotline

How can I get publicity on S4C for an event or news story?

If you have a news story please contact BBC Cymru Wales direct, as they provide S4C's news service, Newyddion. Or you may contact Llanelli based TV company Tinopolis.

How can I voice an opinion on S4C?

Public Viewers' Evenings are held regularly throughout the year, in different parts of Wales, hosted by members of the S4C Authority and senior S4C staff. Viewers are welcome to attend these evenings to discuss S4C. Viewers are also able to contact the Viewers' Hotline to express their views.

I have a programme idea for S4C - what do I do?

Ideas submitted will be given a prompt response in order to assist business planning. S4C is open to programme ideas that meet S4C's commissioning criteria and ideas submitted will be given a prompt response. It is possible to submit an idea on S4C's Production website.

Where can I find the S4C programme schedule?

Full details of S4C's schedule

Further information

For more details, please contact the S4C Viewers' Hotline.

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