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  • Bwrdd i Dri

    Bwrdd i Dri

    A fun cooking and celebrity chat series in which we will follow 3 celebrities as they prepare and cook a three course meal to enjoy with each other. They don't find out until they reach the table which other celebrities are sharing their table and although each person is responsible for choosing one course each, all three are required to prepare all three courses. The celebs taking part in episode are Connagh Howard, Mali Ann Rees and Mei Gwynedd.

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    Fairbourne: Y Mor Wrth y Drws

    Fairbourne in Meirionnydd will possibly be the first village in Britain to disappear under the waters because of climate change. Here the inhabitants speak of their beautiful area and the critical situation they face as the sea level rises.

  • Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

    Sgwrs Dan y Lloer

    With us about to step into the Six Nations, tonight Elin will travel down the A470 to meet former Wales and Lions star Gareth Davies. An opportunity to enjoy stories about Gwendraeth Valley in the sixties, Oxford education and a career that has taken him from Cardiff, to Australia, and to Leeds. Despite the successful career, nothing makes Gareth's heart happier now than being a Grandfather... and the occasional game of golf! Filmed October 2022.

  • Stori'r Iaith

    Stori'r Iaith

    Elis James goes on a personal journey to explore the history of the Welsh Language. He discovers more about the passionate campaign for Welsh language rights throughout the 20th Century. With Wales aiming for a million Welsh speakers by 2050, Elis visits the Basque Country to find out how the Basque Language has already reached a million speakers. As the Welsh language grows, will we be able to embrace the changes that it will bring' A series that celebrates the Welsh language, Welshness and ov

  • Pobl a'u Gerddi

    Pobl a'u Gerddi

    In this programme Aled Samuel goes to see the gardens of Delyth O'Rourke in Brynaman, Eleri and Robin Gwyndaf in Cardiff and Gwilym and Sally Davies on Anglesey.

  • Cymry ar Gynfas - Cyfres 1

    Cymry ar Gynfas - Cyfres 1

    In this programme artist Billy Bagilhole will attempt to paint a portrait of Sir Bryn Terfel.

  • Dan Do

    Dan Do

    Join Aled Samuel and Mandy Watkins as they travel across Wales looking at a variety of tasteful and interesting homes. In this programme we'll be visiting a contemporary house in Cowbridge, a house full of colour in Pontlliw and an old vicarage full of personality on Angelsey.

  • More Factual

    More Factual

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