Introducing S4C

S4C and the Community

Individuals can communicate with S4C with ease, whilst S4C make programmes and regularly hold events throughout Wales.

Since its establishment, the audience has been fundamental to S4C's success. The diversity of community life in Wales is an integral part of what makes S4C what it is - whilst S4C, in turn, is an integral part of life in Wales.

On screen

Welsh talent, be it performers, presenters or actors, are the basis of most of the services offered by S4C. Many programmes are regularly recorded at various locations all over Wales and audiences brought together from many areas are a vital component of some highly successful shows.

The ever-changong political, social and economic hub of Welsh communities is reflected daily on the news service. All shades of opinion, interests, ages and the various regions of Wales and beyond are always evident on S4C's current affairs programmes and the nightly magazine, Heno.

Quizzes and game shows allow viewers to participate in creating entertainment for all.

By telephone, letter and e-mail

Every year, thousands of people use S4C's Viewers' Hotline service to make programme enquires or express an opinion. The friendly team of Hotliners is always ready to help and log each call. Whatever viewers' comments or questions might be, this the service which takes their voice to the heart of the service.

On S4C's web site

S4C's website carries a wealth of information and competitions. S4C's Chat Room can also be found there, where people the world over can exchange messages and ideas. Personalities and programme-makers regularly hold on-line sessions in S4C's Chatroom - another golden opportunity to express an opinion or ask a question. Once a year, S4C's Chair hosts such a meeting.


With an ever increasing number of programmes, viewers are given the chance to make their own direct input. By use of 'phone, fax. and e-mail, viewers can participate in competitions and debates.

The S4C's Viewers' Evenings

As part of the S4C Authority's commitment to accountability, four open meetings are held annually, in locations the length and breadth of Wales. These are held in conjunction with the Authority's regular monthly meetings and offer viewers a chance to directly question S4C's Chair and Chief Executive, as well as participate in a general debate on the future of broadcasting in Wales.

S4C's Annual Appeal

S4C chooses one charity to be the focus of its Annual Appeal. The chosen charity is given practical help in order to better promote itself, as well as extensive on-screen exposure, with the aim of raising awareness as well as money. Among the charities to benefit from S4C's Annual Appeal are MENCAP, Tenovus and the Britsh Heart Foundation. S4C advertises widely to encourage as varied a response as possible.

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