Introducing S4C

S4C and its Viewers

S4C operates under the 1990 and 1996 Broadcasting Acts and the 2003 Communications Act to provide a wide range of high quality programmes in the Welsh language.

S4C is committed to:
  • providing viewers with free-to-air television and related services in the Welsh language;
  • providing other broadcasting services which enrich the quality of life of viewers in Wales and beyond;
  • ensuring programmes are broadcast as effectively and efficiently as possible to make them accessible to viewers throughout Wales and the UK.
In order to realise this, S4C promises:
  • to foster an open, close, fruitful and accountable relationship with its viewers, so that we understand their needs and take the audience fully into account in the provision of services;
  • to promote its programmes effectively so that viewers derive the maximum benefit from them;
  • to help promote and sustain a highly creative and efficient broadcasting industry in Wales;
  • to secure best value and, while operating within its powers and duties within the framework of the arms-length principle governing the relationship between public broadcasters and government, to foster a constructive relationship with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport of the UK government, the UK parliament and the National Assembly for Wales.
By fulfilling these promises, S4C is confident that it:
  • makes a dynamic contribution to the linguistic, cultural, social, economic and public life of Wales;
  • promotes the reputation of Wales and Welsh broadcasting across the UK and internationally.
S4C Viewers' Evenings

Public Viewers' Evenings are held regularly throughout the year, in different parts of Wales, hosted by members of the S4C Authority and senior S4C staff. Viewers attend these evenings to discuss S4C, its programmes and services. Viewers are also able to contact the Viewers' Hotline to express their views.


As part of S4C's commitment to its audience, events are organised on both a large and small scale throughout Wales. Many S4C programmes are regularly recorded at various locations across Wales and audiences brought together from many areas are a vital component of these shows.

The ever-changing political, social and economic life of Welsh communities is reflected daily on the news service, farming and current affairs programmes and daily magazine programmes Prynhawn Da & Heno.

S4C has a responsibility to represent and appeal to everybody - people of all cultures, nationalities, races, religious persuasions, abilities, sexual orientation and ages. Our aim is that this should be reflected in our service and in our programmes. More information about S4C's commitment to diversity.

Access services

S4C wants its programmes to be attractive and accessible to as wide an audience as possible. English subtitles are available on the vast majority of programmes. Welsh subtitles are also available on many programmes. Some programmes on S4C are shown with a British Sign Language interpreter at the side of the screen. A Welsh audio description service is also provided for the blind and partially blind. More details on S4C's access services.

Welsh language learners

S4C offers a unique online learning tool for learners of the Welsh language at s4c.cymru/learners. Programme highlights, scripts, activities and background notes are available on this service, which targets learners at different levels of fluency.

Programme Policy Statement

Each year S4C publishes its plans for its Programme Service in the form of a Programme Policy Statement available on the Authority's site. S4C's corporate targets are available here.

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