About us

Main Responsibilities

  • Provides the S4C television service
  • Ensures that the services conform with the relevant regulatory requirements, including the Ofcom Broadcast Code
  • Considers the views of the public about S4C programmes
  • Approves the S4C annual strategy, budget and long-term financial plan
  • Oversees, approves and scrutinises the appropriate management of S4C
  • Operates as a public body
  • Operates as regulator on a limited number of matters in relation to S4C services on the web
  • Prepares annual reports and accounts
  • Appoints a Chief Executive and a Secretary
  • The Board doesn't get involved with any day to day decisions, such as commissioning or editorial decisions. This arrangement has existed since 1982
  • The Board ensures that it remains at arms-length from decision made by S4C officers, especially those that relate to the channel's content
  • The Unitary Board's Standing Orders

    Reviewed: March 2022; Next review: March 2027

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