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Board Committees

The S4C Board has five committees overseeing various aspects of the work of S4C. It also has a board of directors for S4C Commercial companies.

The committees report regularly to the Board, with the board endorsing the recommendations of the committees.

The Chairman of the board has the right to attend committee meetings as an observer.

  • Content Committee

    Content Committee

    The Content Committee is responsible for overseeing the strategy and performance of S4C's content and services, to ensure they meet the needs of the audience.

  • Audit and Risk Committee

    Audit and Risk Committee

    The Audit and Risk Committee supports the Board and Chief Executive (as Accounting Officer for S4C) in relation to the organisation's internal control and assurance arrangements. It is liable to the Board.

  • Complaints Panel

    Complaints Panel

    The Complaints Panel has a function in accordance with S4C's Complaints Process to consider complaints relating to compliance or regulatory matters in relation to S4C content, or complaints relating to other matters where the complainants wish to make an appeal against the Chief Executive's decision.

  • Communications Committee

    Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing the strategy and performance of S4C's corporate communications and marketing activities on behalf of the Unitary Board.

  • People and Remuneration Committee

    People and Remuneration Committee

    The People and Remuneration Committee is responsible for overseeing S4C's employment arrangements and monitoring their effectiveness. It also advises the Board on senior appointments and, on behalf of the Board, monitors the performance of senior managers and approves their salaries.

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