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I can't find a specific programme on the website/S4C Clic. Why?

Because of rights issues all programmes aren't available of S4C Clic. However, there is a wide range of programmes available through S4C Clic and we are releasing Box Sets from the archive for limited periods If you have any technical problems viewing content that is on S4C Clic please contact the S4C Viewers Hotline

I can't view a particular programme on the website / S4C Clic. Why?

Copyright restrictions prevent us from showing all our content outside of the UK. Apologies for this.

Is S4C available on Freeview throughout the rest of the UK?

You can see S4C outside of Wales either on Sky channel 134, Freesat channel 120 or Virgin channel 164. You don't need to subscribe to a Sky package to do this. You can also view online at www.s4c.cymru/clic.

How do I know if a there is a DVD available of a particular programme or film that has appeared on S4C?

Please contact the S4C Viewers Hotline.

How can I register for information about the latest programmes and competitions on S4C?

The best way to do this is to create a My S4C account, or if you have an account already, change your settings to receive emails from us.

I've got an event or a news story. How do I get attention on S4C?

S4C doesn't produce programmes. Contact the BBC for our news service via newyddion9@bbc.co.uk or 02920 322 257. Heno features many local stories around Wales and is produced by Tinopolis. You can contact them via heno@tinopolis.com or 01554 880880 if the event is in south Wales or 01286 685 246 if the event is in north Wales.

Is it possible to have a copy of a programme or film that was shown on S4C?

S4C doesn't provide copies of programmes for members of the public unless there is proof that it is for educational use. If you have that proof please contact the S4C Viewers Hotline in the first place.

Why isn't there English commentary on all rugby and football games on S4C?

Usually S4C only secures the Welsh language rights for games. Where available we take advantage of English language rights and offer commentary on the "red button", but that is not possible in every case.
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