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  • Colleen Ramsey

    Colleen Ramsey

    calendar Friday, 12 January 2024

  • Yorkshire pudding wrap


    • mash
    • half a swede
    • cooked chicken
    • gravy (*green gravy from Series 1)
    • flour
    • butter
    • stock (homemade)
    • juice from the roasting
    • crispy skin leftover (Remove, pat dry and dried on a dry pan)
    • gravy browning
    • chicken jelly stock pot
    • stuffing
    • panko breadcrumbs
    • fresh sage
    • cooked onions
    • big Yorkshire pudding – 5 mins in oven


    This is a great way to use up and Sunday roast left overs as you will have all the ingredients.

    1. Place all the ingredients into a giant Yorkshire Pudding.
    2. Roll it up into a wrap, place in foil and eat and enjoy.

    Recipe by Colleen Ramsey (Colleen Ramsey: Bywyd a Bwyd).

    Instagram: @colleen_ramsey

    Twitter: @_C_Ramsey

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