Bwyd Epic Chris

Crab Noodles

To make the most next-level 'Pot Noodle', I've got myself a Chinese clay pot!

Way it cooler than your average Bombay Bad Boy from the shop, right?

I'm using Welsh belly pork which I've simmered in stock for an hour and a half with some cumin, fennel, caraway, smoked chilli and Worcestershire sauce.Don't throw away the stock and fat that's rendered off the pork - that's liquid gold!

I'm also using dressed crab meat and noodles that have been soaking in water for 15 minutes.

I'm going to start off by making a Thai style sauce with plenty of limes. It's not a Thai sauce without limes is it?!

You know me - I like a bit of a kick, so I'm slicing plenty of chillies before grating a shallot and garlic.Then, I'm adding fish sauce, brown sugar and chives before mixing them all together.

Now, I'm going to turbocharge my stock with a good glug of fish sauce, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce and light soy sauce.Then, I'm slicing the pork and we're ready to build those layers in the clay pot.

I'm adding some oil to the bottom of the pot before placing the pork slices inside. Cover the meat with the noodles before adding the crab meat and, finally, that liquid gold.

Lid on the pot and onto the fire it goes! Not long to wait now!Once the pot noodle has been bubbling away for 10 minutes, it's time to take it off the heat.

Top it off with the crab's claw and that hardcore sauce - just drizzle it on and there you go, next-level noodles

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