Bwyd Epic Chris


Offal ISN'T awful, and this recipe is a great introduction to cooking it!

To start, I'm making a simple aioli by using two egg yolks, a pinch of salt and mustard powder. Slowly add medium olive oil before chopping up garlic and adding it to the mixture. Finish it off with some chopped mint leaves and lemon juice.

It's essential to soak the meat in boiling water and salt first. The membrane around the meat will come off easily. This meat is from the neck of a lamb – it sounds gross but it's cheap and really tasty. Sometimes, the offal tastes better than the meat itself!

For these nuggets, I'm making a devilled flour coating that packs a punch! I'm starting off with plain flour, plenty of cayenne pepper, mustard powder and salt before giving it a good mix. Then, I'm giving the sweetbreads a good coating and shaking them in the mixture.

Heat up some oil on the fire. I'm using groundnut oil as it has a high smoking point. In go the sweetbreads. Once they're in the frying pan leave the flour until it gets crispy-crispy. A minute on each side should do the job. Place the sweetbreads on kitchen paper to drain any excess oil before frying the remaining pieces.

Serve the nuggets with a pot of aioli and a good pinch of salt. Next-level sweetbreads with a kick!

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