Resources which can help people, including children and young people who have been victims of violence or wish to report violent or sexual crime of any sort.

  • Live fear free

    Provides a 24- hour, bilingual information signposting service, to help and guide people with experience of domestic abuse or sexual violence and might be in need of advice, emergency support, safety, and knowledge of their rights and options.

    0808 80 10 800


  • Welsh Women's Aid

    Practical support and help across Wales for women and children who are suffering violence in the home. Over twenty five local Women's Aid organisations across Wales. Use the Live Fear Free line to contact.

    0808 80 10 800


  • RASASC North Wales

    The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre is there to help victims of rape or sexual abuse in North West Wales. Limited helpline service, but messages can be left and support offered.

    0808 80 10 800


  • Stepping Stones North Wales

    A counselling and support organisation based in North Wales there to help people who have suffered form sexual abuse.


  • Childline Cymru

    If your under 18 and worried about anything, you can get help day or night by phoning Childline Cymru for free or by going to their website for more information about how they can help you. The adults who answer your calls are there to help you with any problem in your life.


    The NSPCC in Wales is there to make sure that children have the best chance in life. They have centres in North and South Wales that offer support to children, families and professionals. They support parents and families in caring for their children and provide therapeutic support to help children move on from abuse. Helpline as well as further information available on the website.

    0808 800 5000


  • New Pathways

    New Pathways offers help, support and counselling for the victims of rape and sexual abuse. It has one of the two Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC) in Wales, and apart from the helpline open to all, it offers counselling through outreach work across South Wales.

    01685 379310


  • Victim Support

    An organisation dedicated to helping the victims of crime, they have local teams there to help if you've been affected in any way.

    08 08 16 89 111


  • Safe Island

    Safe Island is a sexual assault referral centre at Cardiff Royal infirmary where a range of specially trained, experienced professionals give help, support and advice to men, women, children and young people, following sexual assault in Cardiff and the Vale.

    02920 335795


  • The Survivors Trust Wales

    A network which aims to empower and support all victims of sexual abuse or assault, by providing a collective voice and peer support.

    0808 801 0818


  • Children's Commissioner for Wales

    The Commissioner looks at how the decisions made by public bodies in Wales, including Welsh Government, affect children's rights.


  • Men's Advice Line

    Help and advice for men in abusive relationships.

    0808 801 0327


  • Montgomeryshire Family Crisis

    A service which supports men, women or children suffering form domestic abuse in North Powys.

    01686 629114


  • Survivors UK

    A charity there to help men who've been sexually abused or raped. Support available for all ages through a comprehensive website, and helpline through webchat.


  • Crimestoppers

    Contact this line anonymously with information about crime in your area.

    0800 555 111


  • The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

    A charity dedicated to protecting children. Contact them confidentially if you're worried about your own behaviour or the behaviour of others towards children.

    0808 1000 900


  • The Samaritans

    Confidential emotional support over the phone is available from the Samaritans - anytime, day or night.

    116 123


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