Every Thursday the latest broadcast schedule of S4C will appear below. Producers are expected to check the schedule and to notify S4C as soon as possible by emailing mb@s4c.cymru if there is a reason why re-broadcasting a scheduled program produced by you could be inappropriate. For example (but not limited to) because a contributor: -has died since the previous broadcast;

-refers to or makes a comment about a person who has recently died;-committed a crime or been accused of committing a crime since the previous broadcast;

-makes a comment about someone who has committed a crime or has been accused of committing crime since the previous broadcast; or

-uses language or discusses theme(s) or behaves in a way that was acceptable at the time of the previous broadcast, but which is now unacceptable.

S4C does not have the resource to re-watch programs prior to each broadcast and therefore it is the responsibility of producers to bring the above, and any similar or related issues, to the attention of S4C. It is S4C's decision whether to broadcast or not.

A password is required to view the schedule and can be obtained by contacting mb@s4c.cymru.

Download the schedule here

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