Invitation to tender for the provision of project management of an events campaign

Issued: Friday, 16 May 2014

Deadline for queries: Midday, Friday, 23 May 2014

Deadline for submissions: Midday, Monday 2 June 2014

The successful company is Cazbah Ltd

More information (PDF)

Question 1:

Could you please confirm that the total available budget for all activity is £130k.

Answer 1:

This is the maximum all inclusive fee available should the equipment and events warrant.

Question 2:

Could you please confirm if this total is for activation only or needs to include agency fees?

Answer 2:

The fee would be inclusive of all costs.

Question 3:

Does this budget need to cover the cost of location space booking for all sites (do you have any relationships where you will get site space for free?)

Answer 3:

Yes all costs. No there will be free space.

Question 4:

You quote 12 large events and 30 small events we think this will be a stretch with your budget..how much flexibility is there in the number of events for the budget please?

Answer 4:

The smaller events as noted may be community visits and as such would not incurr high costs. There is some flexibility however we wish to visit as many as possible.

Question 5:

Does the budget need to cover the cost of any collateral (leaflets) or giveaways?

Answer 5:

The booklets would be seperate anything else would need to be included.

Question 6:

Does the budget need to cover the cost of any celebrity attendance?

Answer 6:


Question 7:

Do you have any information of images of existing event kit/equipment you already have?

Answer 7:

There is no previous equipment as this is a new project.

Question 8:

Will S4C be supplying any personnel to man the events?

Answer 8:


Question 9:

Do all field staff need to be bilingual?

Answer 9:


Question 10:

Does the account management team need to be bilingual?

Answer 10:

No as long as that person isn't on location. Another bilingual manager would need to be present.

Question 11:

Can you please confirm the total number of agencies who have expressed an interest in pitching for this ITT.

Answer 11:


Question 12:

Do you have an incumbent agency that you usually use for these sorts of events? And if so have they expressed an interest in pitching again?

Answer 12:

No this is a new project.

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