Cleaning Services Tender

18 January 2010

S4C is tendering for the supply of cleaning services for its offices at Parc Tŷ Glas, Llanishen, Cardiff. The tender has been advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union and further information about this tender can be found at: https://www.sell2wales.co.uk/notices/display.html?NoticeId=19055 All companies and businesses who are interested in providing the services must complete a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire in the form set out below. The deadline for receipt by S4C of the completed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire is midday on 15 February 2010.

All requests for further information and/or guidance in completing this PQQ and/or this tender process should be addressed to: hannah.evans@s4c.co.uk Please note that no queries or requests for information relating to this tender process should be addressed to any individual officer, employee or representative of S4C.

The closing date for receipt of requests for additional information and for guidance in completing the PQQ is midday Monday 8th February 2010.

Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PDF)

Pre Qualification Questionnaire Evaluation Matrix (PDF)

Questions and Answers

Question 1:

Can you supply a word version of the Application Form which is currently in PDF format or can we recreate the document making sure we answer all the questions clearly and in the same order?

Answer 1:

Applicants may recreate the Application Form but it is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that no part of the Application Form is excluded and that all requested information is included under the relevant headings and in the correct order. A 'Word' version of the Application Form is available on request, however as noted above, it is the Applicant's responsibility to ensure that no part of the Application Form is excluded or deleted and that all information is submitted in the correct order. If a 'Word' version of the Application Form is created or completed, Applicants should ensure that the Declaration at the end of the Form is signed and that the complete Application Form is scanned and sent to S4C electronically. Any incomplete Application Form received may be excluded from the process.

Further Questions and Answers

Question 1

Q. Is there a pricing document to follow or are you accepting our costing format for this tender?

A. There is no pricing document to follow we are excepting your costing format for this tender as per the Invitation to tender document.

Question 2

Q. It is our opinion that the TUPE Regulations may be applied in this instance, and in order for us to compile our tender taking into account these Regulations, we require the following information:

  • Total number of staff currently employed on the Contract, to include relief staff.
  • Each individual Employee's normal weekly working hours and weeks worked per annum.
  • Terms and conditions for all cleaning staff, including wage rates, pay periods, holiday entitlement, pension and arrangements for sickness pay etc.
  • Length of service for each individual employee and date of birth
  • Any vacancies

The information we receive will be treated in confidence, and used for this Contract only.

A. Please see letter dated 20 April 2010 from S4C regarding TUPE information.

Question 3

Q. We believe that TUPE may apply to this contract, please could you supply the current incumbents contact details or if the contract is in-house please supply all details regarding all employees.

A. Please see letter dated 20 April 2010 from S4C regarding TUPE information.

Question 4

Q. Can you please find out for me if the deep cleaning of the kitchen equipment is to be included in our pricing return?

If so could you send us a list of the equipment currently cleaned in your kitchen area.

A. Please see paragraph 2.2.16 of schedule 1 of the draft agreement. The Company is to undertake a deep clean of the listed areas including the kitchen every 6 months which is to be included in the price.

It is expected that the following are cleaned as part of the 6 monthly deep clean in the kitchen:-

Vinyl Floor, hand wash sinks and taps, tiled walls, food waste/recycling bins, fly screens, window sills, doors (paintwork, glass and foot plates) paper towel dispensers, notice boards, rubber safety mat, door mat, gas range, combi ovens x2 and ceiling tiles.

Please note in paragraph 1.10.1 of Schedule 1 of the draft agreement reference to paragraph 2.2.12 should read 2.2.16.

Further, in addition to the 6 monthly deep cleaning provisions there is provision at paragraph 1.5.2 of Schedule 1 of the agreement for S4C to request the successful Company to undertake cleaning on an ad hoc basis of specified parts of the premises within [8 hours] from the time of such a request. The details and specification of such a deep clean/ ad hoc cleaning to be provided by S4C to the successful Company with the cost of such a deep clean/ ad hoc cleaning to be agreed between the parties prior to commencement of the work. Tenderers should provide details of such deep cleaning/ad hoc cleaning services costs as requested in C.2 of the Invitation to tender document to include an hourly rate differentiating between day time, evening and weekend/bank holiday rates.

Question 5

Q. Please could you advise on the following;

1. The number of blinds in situ of white metal blinds and polyester fibre blinds.

A. There are approximately 130 blinds. This could change after the refurbishment.

2. The air vents that require dusting on a 6 monthly basis, can they be reached from the ground with a feather duster or back pac vacuum or if they are higher.

A. These can be reached with a telescopic duster.

3. We would like to arrange for a site visit in order to quote for the deep clean of the kitchen. Could you confirm if this is possible and I will make arrangements and get back to you with the time and date of the visit.

A. Unfortunetely, it will not be possible to arrange another site visit in order to quote for a kitchen deep clean. Please see answer to question 4 above.

Question 6

Q. Further to your letter dated 20th April 2010 regarding TUPE information, if this information is not being made available we will have to submit a commercial quote which will result in us having to re-visit our price if successful with our bid on receipt of TUPE information. In light of these circumstances please could you confirm if you wish us to proceed with your tender process.

A. Please proceed to submit a commercial quote. For the purpose of providing details of your fee for the service, please disregard any potential TUPE costs. TUPE information will only be provided to the successful tenderer. The successful tenderer will then be given the opportunity to re-visit the price in light of the TUPE information.

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