Aled joins the staff in S4C's drama series

S4C's drama series Gwaith/Cartref welcomes a new face on Sunday, 16 February, as actor Aled Pugh joins the cast as Ysgol Bro Taf's new history teacher.

Dewi Pritchard's first day is one he would rather forget. As he arrives at school, his parents turn up too and dump all his belongings outside the door.

"It's quite an entrance!" says the actor from Tycroes, Ammanford, about his first scene on Gwaith/Cartref. "Dewi has to call on half of the school to help carry his belongings up to the classroom. It makes everyone wonder; who is he? What's his story?"

Homeless, and with an interesting collection of historical costumes, Mr Dewi Pritchard doesn't come across as a stereotypical history teacher.

"Dewi is eccentric, without being bonkers," says Aled Pugh, describing the new character. "He is passionate about his work and his subject. He loves Welsh history, and in an attempt to grab the pupils' imagination he likes to dress up as the people featured in his lessons. He has a collection to rival the costume department of a professional theatre company!"

With his dressing up and enthusiasm in the classroom, this new, likeable teacher brings with him a certain humour and comedy. But Aled suggests there's more to him than meets the eye.

"What I like about Dewi is that you can't help but like him. There's not a nasty bone in his body, but there is depth to his character. Something is gnawing at him and there is a reason why he throws himself into his work," says Aled, suggesting that more of Dewi's story will be revealed as the series continues.

There are developments for other Bro Taf regulars this week on Gwaith/Cartref as school secretary Gemma Haddon, comes to terms with her cancer diagnosis; deputy head Siân Bowen-Harries struggles with symptoms of the 'menopause'; and Welsh teacher, Wyn Rowlands, is sick of his mother's enthusiastic meddling!