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Tipyn o Stad

The home of Tony and his family in Maes Menai isn't a peaceful haven at the best of times. But this week on Tipyn o Stad the shouting, worry and panic reach new levels.

Since his wife, Susan, won a large amount of money playing bingo, Tony has dreamt of being a successful businessman. And now he's jumped at the opportunity of opening his own cafe in town. He regards the new venture as a family business, but there hasn't been a lot of consultation with his family, and the first day at his new café, McTonys, isn't a resounding success.

Huw Marshall, who plays Tony, has thoroughly enjoyed playing Tony.

"He's a character who's brought an element of comedy to Tipyn o Stad, and I belive that comedy is my strength as a performer. Having said that, Tony has had, and will continue to have, some extremely serious moments, and the challenge of performing these scenes has been interesting, and scary, at times! I've been lucky to have worked mainly with Elen Gwynne (Susan). She's a wonderful actress, and I've learnt a lot from her."

Are Tony and Huw similar?

"It's funny how many people have assumed that I've been cast as Tony because I'm a fat slob like him! I can assure you that we're totally different, especially since I've lost eight stones since I started playing Tony three years ago, and I go to the gym four times a week. The only similarity is our love for Everton Football Club."

Since this is the last ever series of Tipyn o Stad, will Huw reveal if we'll be saying goodbye to Tony and his family on a high note?

"You'll have to watch until the end of the series to find out! The most important thing in Tony and Susan's relationship is their love for each other. They're not so bad parents, even though they've had problems with children, Harley, Whitney, Jordan, Kylie and Kimberley. Tony is basically a naïve man. He's not the type who wants to face the truth. His glass is always half full, rather than half empty. But, there's sure to be a lot of tears and laughter before we say goodbye to them for the last time."

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